A koisedens on the road

If i knew that that moment wold cange my life forever, i might have been alittle bitt nicer...
Eline was a girl that reacently moved to another contry to go on school. She didn't have any friends, but with an accsident her hole life was turned up side down...


3. Starbucks

Liams p.o.v

"Okey lads, we will meet her in one houre at starbucks." I said. "Do I have to come?" Harry wasn't to amezed to see her again. "Yes, Harry. You must and i'm hungry!" Naill cryed. "Fine, but we don't speak to her long" he singhed. "Great, but what do we do now?" "Do no" we starded go dow the street again.

One houre later: "I have too capochinos and one frappechino" it was Niall that order. We sat down with our coffees. The girl came inn and saw us. "hey!" Niall said. "hi" Harry wasn't quite happy to see her. "Hello" i smiled at her but she just pointed at the book. " Oh, here you go" she took the book ad turned around to go again. But Niall woldn't let her. " Can't you stay fore a minutte?" He asked. "Fine!" she said and Niall pold her down bredside him self.
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