A koisedens on the road

If i knew that that moment wold cange my life forever, i might have been alittle bitt nicer...
Eline was a girl that reacently moved to another contry to go on school. She didn't have any friends, but with an accsident her hole life was turned up side down...


6. She is...

Harrys p.o.v
She potted the icebag to my head. It was something in her eyes that maked me smile. Her eyes was full of love and carryng, Even i was a dosbag. She was so sweet When she was so worried. " I'm really sorry for hurtig your head." She almost cried. Ipulled her into a hug. She froze at first but relaksed after a wile. When i let go of her it was tears in her eyes. I looked at Liam and Niall. They smiled and Liam winked at me. My head had stopp hurtig. Mabey shes not so bad after all.

Elines p.o.v
Harry smiled at me, i didn't know Why. And Harry suprised me When he pulled me into a hug. Felt my eyes start watering. Why do i start crying? I don't know! When he let me go he smiled at me, his eyes were gancing. He had beautyfull eyes. Green as the forrest. I starded crying. I felt so bad. When i got to my sences, all the three boys."are you Okey? Liam looked worried. "I'm okey." I smiled alittle.
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