A koisedens on the road

If i knew that that moment wold cange my life forever, i might have been alittle bitt nicer...
Eline was a girl that reacently moved to another contry to go on school. She didn't have any friends, but with an accsident her hole life was turned up side down...


10. Secrets ruins relationships

Elines p.o.v

In norwegian: " Hi Maria!" " Hello Eline!" I just love to talk to my bestfriend. "How are America so far?" Maria moved to La in august this year, she goes on a school of vetrenary and works in the animal police California. She is an inturn there. "Grate! I love to do animal rescuing. But its many people who hurts they're animals... You love?" We call ecother many names. " I'm fine, darling. Oxford is a lovely school. And there is a stable i work at so i still rides." " Do you have any friends honny?" She seemd worried. I wasn't the girl how was populare. I were very shy. " my roomy, James." "A guy?! I didn't know it was aloved on Oxford." "His gay, don't worry. Remember i have never had a boyfriend, and i guess i never wil."

Marias p.o.v

I were worried for her, she was so shy! But were not together. She have the horses atlest. " you know i love you hun, but make som friends for me. Pils." " i wil. " i wasn't sur If she was going to try. She is only 20 years old and three weeks. "By love" "by hunny" she hung up. It was something wrong. I could Feel it.
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