A koisedens on the road

If i knew that that moment wold cange my life forever, i might have been alittle bitt nicer...
Eline was a girl that reacently moved to another contry to go on school. She didn't have any friends, but with an accsident her hole life was turned up side down...


12. Ride with Harry

Elines P.o.v.

I climbed into the car. Harry didn't drive so i look in the mirror. I could not see how it was." Didn't your mum say that it's rude to stare?" I jump in the seat. " oh...Well. Sorry..." I stabburet and i just froze inside. "Its Okey, i just want to see your rection" i hear he start to laph. "Oh... Eline this is my friend Lou..." " i can iturduse my self, Harry" "oh, sorry..." Harry mumbeld. " I'm Louis Tomlinson, you?" That name sound famillliar. " oh, my name is Eline Bakkland." "i know" he look in my eyes (thru the mirror sins  his draiving). "So Harry, she does not look like you described her on the phone some days ago. She does not have small horns on her head or an evil look on her face. And shes prettyer than you said!" he giggeld. I started laphing too. "I was mad at her, she bumpe intome and i had a hed" he stare infront of him and didn't look at me. "So little prinsses, were you going?" "Oh, i'm not shure... some place called the royal stable" "So you're a horse girl, i know were it is." "Yes, i love to ride, i do jumping by the way." He smiled at me when i said it. "You know Harry, is alittle afraid of horses" "SHUT UP LOU!" he were red in his face. I could not hold enymore. Me and Louis bursted into laph. "Here you go prinsses." Louis pull over. "Thanks fore det ride. By" I smil and go out of the car.

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