‘You l...lo...love me?’


1. ‘Oh my god I hate her!'

‘Oh my god I hate her! She is a jealous bitch and needs to stop going around thinking she is better than everyone else!’ I screamed at my best friend. ‘Calm down Chloe there is no point getting wound up like this she is beef!’ she replied. I laughed to myself beef was the nickname we had given Katie Gaskarth because it was funnier than calling her a cow well in our eyes it was anyway! Ever since she came to our school last term she thinks she is the best just because her brother is the amazing, talented, beautiful Alex Gaskarth she thinks everyone should love her. Me and Eden are massive All Time Low fans so you would think we would be Katie’s best friends well we did try that but she is just a complete bitch! She is jealous of me because her favourite band is One Direction and it just happens that Louis is my brother and he always picks me up from school at least once a week if he isn’t off touring the world of course! I love Louis and I’m really proud of him but I just wish everyone at school would stop asking me for his number. I hate everyone at my school besides two people my best friends Eden and Danny if it wasn’t for them I would have been expelled now telling the teachers what I truly think of them. The worst teacher is my form tutor her name is Miss. Sinclair she is a substitute for my other teacher who is on maternity leave I can’t see why Mrs. Adams can’t come back I mean she has had her baby so she is fine and we won’t need to be worried that she might go into labour.  In a way I am happy that I am Louis Tomlinson’s sister because everyone has stopped bullying me like they did before Louis got famous. When it got out that he was my brother no one believed me so me and Louis hatched a plan it was for him and the rest of the guys to walk into my class with Katie in of course and tell my teacher they had to take me as I was their VIP at their concert in Madison Square Garden’s in the holidays and we had to catch the next plan to NYC! Which was a little true I was going to NYC with them but I wasn’t VIP? Me, Eden and Danny where just going to be in the crowd like every other One Direction fan I didn’t like special treatment unless it was to make ‘Beef’ jealous! I heard a scream coming from the back of the class room, I knew without even looking that it was Katie fangirling with her friends at the back she ran up to Louis and was like ‘OMG OMG I love you so much me and Chloe are best friends aren’t we Clo?!’ In which I replied ‘Shut up Katie your such a bitch you never believed he was my brother and I don’t want you to ever talk to me again because I hate two faced people why do you think I hate half of this shit hole!’ I heard Louis and the guys behind me laughing which brought a smile to my face. As I turned to leave I shouted ‘Later Bitches!’.

*3 hours later*

We are on our way to the airport Eden is asleep as per usual and me and Danny are talking about All Time Low’s newest album ‘Don’t Panic’. When we finally arrive at the airport we go to where the private jets are in which the band are already sat in waiting to go. Louis knows how much I have wanted to go to New York and watch a concert at MSG so this year for my birthday he surprised me with 3 plane tickets to NYC. I could take my two best friends which was actually the best present ever I mean what’s a better birthday presents than flying over to America in a private jet with your two best friends, brother and 4 of the nicest guys in the world!

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