The Crazy Life of Maegan Horan

The best years of my life start now, as the sister of Niall Horan, while his international career kicks off with the AMAZING One Direction! So what happens when Niall gives me the best graduation gift ever? Will it be love at first sight?


3. Hunger.

"Maegan?" A deep voice whispers. I open my eyes slowly.
"Zayn? Hey man, what's up?"
"Not much." He smiles, plonking himself at the edge of my bed. "How's the jet lag?"
"I feel as though I've been hit with the damp sledgehammer of sleepiness."
Zayn looks confused for a moment, his smile not reaching his puzzled eyes. My stomach makes a loud, eruptive gurgle. He bursts out laughing, and so do I.
"...maybe I'm just hungry..." I admit.
"You and Niall really are related." He laughs, "that's why I came in here. We ordered some Chinese and it just arrived."
I throw the covers off the bed determinedly.
"Let me at it."
We walk into the main room. The three adorable brunettes, Harry, Liam and Louis are slightly failing at their chopsticks, pathetically stabbing away at their chow mien. Niall is digging into his sweet and sour pork like an absolute pro. There's another person here, too, a girl sitting next to Louis. I spy an open container just in front of her.
"Shit yeah! Egg rolls!" I quickly lean over and swipe the box, fishing one out and chewing happily away at it.
"Maegan!" Louis sounds shocked. He's known me long enough to tell me off. "The was rude! Apologise to Eleanor!"
I wave my hand that's holding the egg roll.
"Hey, Eleanor." I greet, my mouth still full. She waves back, smiling a little. I grin back.
"I said apoligise, not greet!"
"Sorry Louis, I believe in greeting a woman before apologising to her." I face Eleanor. "M' lady, I am terribly sorry, that was awfully rude of me to take your egg rolls, though they are delicious. By means of apology, would you care for some champagne, a la Duty Free?"
Eleanor giggles, and nods. "A fair compromise."
I bow deeply, and rush to my room to grab the booze from my suitcase.
"Ooh, I'd love some bubbly, too!" Niall says, holding out a glass.
"Buzz off, bro, grab your own."
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