The Crazy Life of Maegan Horan

The best years of my life start now, as the sister of Niall Horan, while his international career kicks off with the AMAZING One Direction! So what happens when Niall gives me the best graduation gift ever? Will it be love at first sight?


1. Final Exam.

I chew the end of my pen dreamily. "What were Stalin's intentions during the Cold War?" Hah! Easiest exam ever! I stare at the clock, counting down. It is exactly 2 minutes until I am completely done with high school! I was handed my diploma last Saturday, after that all I had was this exam then I am done, done, done! I have all summer and absolutely no plans, ready for lots of spontaneous partying. One minute! I start jogging my knee up and down. I am so excited. All those long years in this hideous uniform have passed. A slow grin slides across my face. I watch the ticking second hand intently. That's it....nearly there....
The old woman with a shrewd face, who's been watching over us for the past three hours barks, "Pencils down."
I can't help but let out a whoop of joy. The other students are all grinning like mad and high-fiving one another. Our papers are collected and I run out the door...straight into somebody standing outside.
"Oof, watch it, sis..."
"NIALL!" I yell, hugging him hard, "I thought you flew out this morning!"
He smiles wide.
"Change of plans! Happy graduation, Maegs."
He hands me a slim envelope. An little glint lights my eye.
"Is this money?" I ask, hopeful.
"Even better. Open it, open it!"
I do. An airline ticket falls into my hands. I gasp. Niall laughs.
"You're coming on tour, girl!"
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