Penny and Jack are two ordinary siblings that have just moved house to the country to live in an old manor house. But then a noise is heard in the night and when the children go and investigate their lives are changed forever.


7. Chapter 7

The kids visited Rose,Ben and Minnie the following night.They brought mini party rings and they all managed to finish one ring each and trust me,that was an achievement. As they sat,slowly munching through the sugar coating, Ben began to talk to Jack and Minnie to Penny. 

"So...what's the fashion like at the moment? And what about the music? The media? I don't know how I have coped to be honest!" said Minnie giggling,shooting the questions at Penny with genuine curiosity. As Penny filled her in,Jack was talking to Ben. 

"What are you interested in?" Ben was asking. Jack was embarrassed. "'ll probably laugh,but I don't like all the normal stuff like football and computer games...I prefer history and reading and stuff like that." 

"Seriously? Same! Football? No way! Yaaawn!" Ben said,excitedly and not at all embarrassed. Within minutes the two were talking to each other like they had been friends for years. They found an old,tatty and slightly burnt cushion and threw an old,rusty necklace chain up to use as a ladder,each link a rung for their hands and feet. When they got to the top of the cushion they slid back down,really fast! It was extremely fun and the children must of been done at least 50 times before they realised they had to leave. 

"Promise to come back tomorrow?" Ben said.

"Sure-" Jack began to say,but Penny interrupted him.

"We can't,Jack! Mum's going to make us go to sleep extra early. We start school the day after and she'll be checking in on us to make sure we're sleeping. She always does."Jack's grin faded and he sighed. "She's right. Then we'll be too busy with school to visit you! The next time we would be able to come is this time next week."Rose,Minnie and Ben looked very sad so Penny quickly added," We'll bring party rings again!" They said goodbye and went back to their bedrooms to sleep. 

School shopping tomorrow,thought Penny. Yawn. Would she make friends at Heather Field High? Maybe. She'd at least attempt to,unlike Jack. Before she dropped off the sleep she wrote an entry in her diary. 

Dear Diary,had a good evening with Jack eating Party Rings and chatting in the attic! Nervous for school tomorrow,wish me luck,diary :). Love Penny xxx

She hadn't written a word about Rose,Ben and Minnie in case Mum or Dad found her journal. It was too risky,and even if they didn't believe it to be true, she would never be allowed to forget the fact that she had 'imaginary friends' at the age of 14. If she could write freely,it would be like this:

Dear Diary,I wish Harriet was here to meet Rose and Minnie and share the fun. Love Penny xxx


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