Penny and Jack are two ordinary siblings that have just moved house to the country to live in an old manor house. But then a noise is heard in the night and when the children go and investigate their lives are changed forever.


6. Chapter 6

Penny awoke Jack at half past 10 in her dressing gown and slippers.

"Hurry up," she groaned. Within 10 minutes of an impatient Penny pacing up and down, and a bleary eyed Jack sorting himself out,both children were silently creeping up 1 flight and then 2 flights of old,creaky stairs. The attic door was open from before and Jack clutched his sister's hand and dragged her into the room.

"Hello!" welcomed Ben,smiling. 

"Hi..." murmured Penny and Jack, in unison. They had shrunk again and it had left both of them feeling rather queasy and disorientated. Penny shook her head, pinched herself,and spoke.

"Minnie,Rose! That's the name. I think you need to explain yourselves."

Rose took a deep break and sat down,tapping the floor beside her to indicate everyone to do the same.

"Well,it all began in 1992. We lived in this house ans found this amazing attic room and the secrets behind it's door. We had great fun,climbing up the furniture that seemed as big as mountains,bringing up tiny bowls of water and swimming in it. It was like swimming in the ocean. Playing hide and seek was the best fun you could ever imagine!"

Rose has become lost in her thoughts and needed encouragement from Jack to carry on. 

"Oh yes...sorry,where was I? Yes,well, one night we came up here for a sleepover. We brought a candle; we decided we could extinguish a candle quicker then a big,and heavy,torch. We ate popcorn,told ghost stories and had such fun. As we were sleeping..."

"I'll tell this part." interrupted Minnie. "After all,it was all my fault." She hung her head in shame;these memories obviously pained her to recall. 

"I woke up early in the morning and decided to open the window. It was a hard task but I eventually succeeded. It was raining but that was okay, I needed some fresh air. I went back to my sleeping bag,accidently knocking the candle on the way. I tired and I tried to blow it out the flames,but they caught the curtains! Within minutes we were all unconscious from the smoke. When we awoke,the flames were out. It must of been the rain from the window I opened This room was in a state,as you can still see. We've improved it slightly over the years,but not much,because we haven't been able to get out. Our Mum and Dad had fled in the fire. Workmen fixed the house up for them,but only so another buyer would come along. This house held too many bad memories for them,I suppose. You see,they believed we died that day in the fire,although there were no traces of our bodies. The police case went on for weeks before they gave up. An impossible case,so they said."

Ben was on the brink of tears when Minnie had finished and Rose sat there with her head in her hands,sobbing softly. 

"What I don't understand..." began Ben,breaking the silence. " -is why you couldn't just walk out of the door,become normal size again and tell everyone you weren't dead? Then it would of all been okay again?"

Penny nodded in agreement. At this Ben burst into tears and both girls exchanged sorrowful glances. 

"Once you stay in here,for more then...well it must of been around 5 hours when we could never return to our normal height. Thinking about it,I felt ever so weird before the fire. Everything felt all tingly."

"We found that out the hard way." Ben added.

"I' sorry!" said Penny softly,looking sympathetically at them.

"Is there nothing we can do to help?" Jack asked.

"Nothing." said all 3 together in despair.

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