Penny and Jack are two ordinary siblings that have just moved house to the country to live in an old manor house. But then a noise is heard in the night and when the children go and investigate their lives are changed forever.


5. Chapter 5

The following morning,Penny lay in her bed. In a flash,the night's events came back to her. It must have been a dream. It must have been. Surely? People get funny dreams when they're nervous,don't they? And she was nervous about starting secondary school. It was Friday,and she and Jack started school Monday. Heatherfield High. It sounded like a place out of a storybook.

Penny fell back into a confused and restless sleep. She dreamt of teachers,as small as peas,looking up at her. Then ,she was running along a corridor with Harriet, and she accidently stepped on the Head. In detention,she had to be fed to crocodiles, and as she tumbled into the pit she woke up,still feeling as though she were falling. Penny gasped and tried to slow her breathing down, to the beat of her clock ticking.After another half an hour of lying there,thinking, Penny was convinced the attic antics were all just a silly dream. 

Once the children's parents were at work,Jack confronted Penny,"What happened last night?" he asked.

"I slept? You slept? Look I don't have time to answer your pointless questions,Harriet's calling me back soon." She pushed her way out of the door,but Jack gripped her wrist firmly. 

"I meant in the attic." Frowning,and remembering her dream,Penny sat back down. 

"I had a dream about the attic. Funny dream it was." 

"So did I." Jack watched his sister's expression,cautiously. She recalled the dream to him and laughed at the end.

"Stupid dream really. Probably from the stress of moving house." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah,I had that dream too,Pen." lied Jack.But he knew full well it hadn't just been a dream. He hadn't expected this reaction from Penny.

"Are you trying to say it wasn't just a dream? For goodness sake Jack,you let your imagination run way too wild sometimes."

Before Jack could object,the phone rang, and Penny dashed into the kitchen to pick it up.

"Harriet! I'm missing you so much! Tell me everything! What,seriously? Her? Never!" 

Jack walked out of the room,shaking his head. He was ready for the little people's story tonight. He had his torch,and his warmest blanket for up in the icy attic,hidden underneath his pillow. Although part of him distrusted Rose,Minnie and Ben,he was intrigued as to what they had to say. He sat down in the  living room,finishing off the crossword Dad had started in the newspaper. He knew Penny wouldn't tell Mum,or Dad, about meeting up with the trio in the attic, ( if she even came!), but should he? 

They might catch them wandering around the house,at night,then there would be trouble. Then again,he could just picture himself now.

" Mum,Dad. Me and Penny are going up to the attic later tonight,to hear a story from 3 people about why they are shrunk and living in our attic. Oh,and by the way! We crept up late last night to the attic and shrunk too! Just thought I'd let you know." 

No. They would either laugh in his face,or send him to bed with a fever. He ran a hand through his messy hair and went back into the kitchen,where Penny had finished the phone call and was staring,longingly, at the phone. 

"It wasn't a dream! I promise you! I'm going back up there tonight,even if you don't!" Jack stuck his chin out,defiantly, and suddenly, he had an idea. He wanted Penny to come with him,however much he would deny it. 

"You don't have to come too,if you're too scared like." he added,politely. He gave Penny a sympathetic smile,which was nearly on the verge of mockery.

"Of course I'm not scared!" retorted Penny. 

"Of course I'll come,even if it's just to prove you wrong!" 

Bingo,thought Jack,happily.

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