Penny and Jack are two ordinary siblings that have just moved house to the country to live in an old manor house. But then a noise is heard in the night and when the children go and investigate their lives are changed forever.


4. Chapter 4

"How is that even possible? You're talking nonsense, Penny!"

"No,she isn't."

"What? Who said that?!" Penny cried, in horror.

"Not me!" replied Jack, hoarsely.

Somebody stepped out of the shadows. She had long golden hair and pale skin with pink flushed cheeks. 

"Me." she said,nervously. Penny's jaw dropped and Jack's eyebrows were raised so high, they almost collided with his short,spiky,blonde hair. Penny decided to take charge. 

"What are you doing in our house?" she demanded,trying to stay calm and bold,but her voice faltered towards the end.

"We could ask you the same question!" replied a young boy's voice,indignantly, as he stepped out of the shadows to stand next to the girl. With his hand he held the hand of another. She looked slightly younger then the first girl,but much older then the boy that had just spoken. 

"First things first." said Jack,trembling. "Why are me and Penny smaller then when we were outside of that door?" He pointed a shaky finger to the still open door,shining a narrow crack of light onto the floorboards.

"Whoa! How light it is out there!" whispered the older girl. Penny raised her eyebrows,presuming she was being sarcastic. 

"Don't get distracted." scolded the younger girl. It was the first time she had spoken. Her hair was an orange flame and her eyes emeralds.

"I'm Minnie. That's Rose..." she paused. "...and Ben. Our story is a long one and it's nearly sunrise. Get out of here quickly whilst you still can. Come back earlier tomorrow." 

"But-" began Penny.

"No buts." Go back through the door while you still can!" the boy said,wistfully. 

With Ben's peculiar threat,Jack and Penny went back out onto the landing,baffled. Instantly they grew taller and back to their ordinary height,which made the two quite queasy. After a few minutes of confused silence,Jack spoke.

"Was I just dreaming?"


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