Penny and Jack are two ordinary siblings that have just moved house to the country to live in an old manor house. But then a noise is heard in the night and when the children go and investigate their lives are changed forever.


3. Chapter 3


Jack awoke with a start. He had heard a noise but not awoken in time to locate either source or nature of the  sound.


There it was again! Another sound! Maybe it was ghost preparing to enter his room and take revenge for something or other. Jack had quite the imagination when he was frightened! He tucked down under his quilt,his lip trembling slightly. Then he laughed nervously at himself,trembling away like a two year old. He got out of bed faintly hearing another creak and a laugh. His legs like jelly,he got a torch from his still part unpacked suitcase and crept out onto the landing...

He considered not awaking Penny but then his fear got the better of him and he opened her door with a spare hand,calling her name softly.

"Mum,go away I'm going back to sleep." Penny rolled over,putting her pillow over her ears.

"Penny,wake up it's me,Jack!" he hissed,angrily. Penny looked up blearily in surprise. "Oh! It's you!" she said sleepily. 

"Yes it's me now get out of bed I heard a noise coming from the attic upstairs! I swear it!"

"What? You must be imagining things,go back to-"

"For goodness sake Pen,I know what I heard,now come on!" Jack said,lowering his voice,aware of a quiet murmur coming from their parent's room. Penny rolled her eyes and reluctantly got out bed. "Her eyes will stick like that one day she rolls them so much!" Jack thought to himself,but thought better of saying it out loud. The two crept silently past their parent's room,up a flight of stairs,past a still bare bathroom,up another flight of stairs and eventually reached the ominous attic door,shining an eery metallic colour in the moonlight coming from an open window. 

"See it's wide open,I heard it creaking!" Jack whispered. Penny frowned and tried to sound grown up. 

"We must of got lost in the dark,the attic door was locked,I remember. Now come on Jack,let's get back to bed."

"You know just as well as me that this is the attic door! It's on the top floor!" Jack persisted. Penny shuffled her feet anxiously not denying what her younger brother was claiming.

" You want to have a look?" It was more of a statement then a question. 

"Yeah course! We can't go back to bed now." Jack replied,bravely. 

Penny pushed open the door and she and her brother tiptoed in...

"Wow! Everything's so big!" Jack said in awe,looking up at a table at least 10 times higher then him. Penny looked at her hands thoughtfully.

"No Jack. Nothing is abnormally big." she whispered in a confused but grave tone.

"We've become abnormally small."


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