Penny and Jack are two ordinary siblings that have just moved house to the country to live in an old manor house. But then a noise is heard in the night and when the children go and investigate their lives are changed forever.


1. Chapter 1

As the car rolled past yet another field full of cows Jack let out a sigh of frustration. 

"This is so boring! Isn't it Penny?!"

"Mmm..." grunted his sister,engrossed in her gossip magazine. Jack sighed again. 

"Now Jack leave your sister alone and find something to colour in or whatever." scolded the kid's Mum. Jack opened his mouth to sigh again but decided against it and pulled out a book from his rucksack.


The Thornton family were moving to the countryside from London and neither child was happy about the abrupt and sudden move. There was silence in the car for an hour or so apart from the relaxing humming of the car engine and the flicking of pages. Eventually Jack and Penny's dad cried out," Kids! Let's play eye spy yeah?" Penny tossed her chocolate brown hair and shook her head with one eyebrow raised,sarcastically. "Honestly Dad. How old do you think I am?" Without waiting for a reply she continued. "Well for your information I'm 14 and I'm too old for games. Ask ickle Jacky." Jack's brown eyes flashed angrily "I'm too old for games too Penny don't pretend your that much older then me." 

"You're 9 Jack." interrupted Mum. "Don't wish your life eye spy with your brother Penny." Mum ordered. Penny mumbled something quietly under her breath,and then raised her voice, begrudgingly. " Eye spy with my little eye...MUM! The turning!!" Mum swerved the car at the last minute,muttering as a chorus of cars honked their horns.

As they turned the corner,there was the most beautiful house. Mum pulled in at the driveway and dad whistled,impressed. " It's huge!" breathed Jack. The house was huge. It had 4 floors and a big red door with a grand silver knocker in the shape of a lion's head. An oak tree towered above the slate roof and the curtains were drawn back,roughly, in all the windows. A fragrant jasmine grew wildly by the gate to the garden. "Come on kids,get your bags and coats." Mum said,unlocking the car door.

Everyone got out the car with their belongings and Mum opened the front door. Removal men were already inside stacking boxes and bringing in furniture from their old house. "Welcome to your new home!" one said,with a wink. "Thanks." replied Dad,in monotone. The had moved because Mum had been made redundant from her old job as a nurse. It hadn't been difficult moving for Jack as he never seemed to fit in and he was never very popular but for Penny it had been devastating to leave her best friend behind.She had made a big fuss involving kicking,screaming and a variety of other things but to no avail. 

She shuffled into the bare house. The furniture hadn't been laid out properly. "Run on upstairs and sort out whose room is whose." Mum said vaguely,waving them away with her hand. The children raced up the blue carpeted stairs,pushing each other out of the way in order to pick rooms first. Penny flung open the first door . It was a tiny room,but with a fluffy pink carpet. Jack opened the 2nd door to find a larger room that had green checked carpet and no windows. "This one's mine!" yelled Jack,who was fond of the dark.

Penny ran back down the stairs and grabbed her small amount of luggage. Jack followed and together they went back up to their new rooms to unpack and settle in. After both had made a start,Jack entered Penny's room which now had a hairbrush,a photo of Penny with her friend Harriet and a diary,(which Jack eyed hungrily) sitting on a rough wooden table. Harriet and Penny has been very close mates for a long time. penny was 12 years old in the picture with a big toothy grin. "Penneeeey..." Jack began. "Can we explore the house pleeease?" Penny raised her eyebrows in annoyance. " If you quit that whiny voice." Jack rolled his eye and scoffed. "You're turning into Mum! Come on!" He dragged her off by her hand to the door.

"This house is so massive. There could be a dragon under the floorboards or a fairy palace in the cellar,or..." 

"Or a magical time machine!" interrupted Penny,joining in with a giggle.

"Exactly." replied Jack,dead serious. Penny laughed and followed him up a second flight of stairs. After about an hour,the children has explored most of the house. Most of the rooms were boring and empty and the garden was overrun and chaotic.Penny sighed. "Come on Jack,there's nothing exciting. Let's see if tea is ready yet,I'm starving!" 

"No! We haven't checked the attic yet!" Jack said,in determination to find something worthwhile. Reluctantly Penny followed Jack up to the attic but when they tried the door it was locked. " Like I said. There's nothing exciting here." said Penny,rolling her eyes and heading back down to the kitchen. Jack followed after one last look at the locked,silver attic door.

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