CrAzY about you

Whats it about? Im not really sure yet...


1. Ba-bye stress

"RING RING RING," within less than 5 minutes the halls were completley cleared.

The last day of school was finally here and i was pumped to go home and sleep it away. Just kiddingg. I was soo ready to get out, grab a lemon-berry slush from sonic, and hit the roads. Oh yeeahh, this summer I was planning to live it up.

I checked my locker one more time to make sure I didnt leave anything. The halls were sort of eerie...silent. You know, that feeling like somebodys watching you. So I grabbed the one peice of trash i had left, closed the door and swiftly turned around to find myself stumbling over Josh.

"OPE! Sorry, I had  no idea you were..." I stumbled over my words too.

"Its cool! You seem a little on the slow side today..." referring to my still being in the building.

"oh yeah, I know I wanted to make sure I didnt leave anything like I did last know how that turned out."

to be continued...I am soo tired right now :P

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