Opal is just a normal girl. But she's miserable. Very miserable. But one day, she meets the boy of her dreams....


2. Stupid.

When i finally come around, there's a large group of people stood around me. I blink slowly, everything coming into focus. I look down at my wrists and the blood on the floor. "What a STUPID thing to do!" Mrs. Penderghast shouts, her hair crazier than ever. "I don't care what happens to you at home, but don't bring it into school!" Nice to know she's worried about me. "Yes Mrs. Penderghast." I mutter. "Now clean this up, and let this be the last time." I nod, looking down at the blood. "Yes Mrs. Penderghast." She stops off and the crowd slowly fades away, leaving me alone to clean the blood off the floor.

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