everything gone wrong

i remember when i was seven. i had visited my mother and my evil step father.everything was fine untill he would drink. you got in his way you would have bruses on you everywhere. we bought a new house and moved,i took him a beer and he was pissed off already he hit me he just stared beating me untill my mom came in so he'd stop with me and start with her,he would drag her by the hair and pull her to his room you could hear her scream.tears ran down my face she would come out the room mintues later with her face bloody,we were afraid he was like a wild a wild animal he can't be tamed,i would come home from school wondering where my mom was,i would hide in the closet untill i knew my mother was home.my mom had ten children nine of them were girl and one was a boy,after my brother was born we were forgotten. we would eat for days untill they left us home alone. one day my mother came home crying and he was with her i asked no answer. she didnt talk till two days later but still no answer


2. beaten

have you ever read the child called it? that's how i feel accept instead of the mother torturing him its my step father.i would be locked up in the room several days by myself,alone,cold,but i was able to see what there were doing,i would climb into the air vent and watch t.v and music videos...but the comfort wasn't for long he found out what i was doing and beat me for hours (for 2hrs at least). I was the punching bag and i kept quiet.i tried i kept to myself. no one looked at me no one spoke of me i was dead to them.i would go to school i packed extra clothes cause he would cut them well i'd have my back turned.this boy we liked me i was l pulled out of school and transfer'd because her liked me. i was asked why i had so many bruises on my body,i looked away and a tear ran down my face.

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