Bad girl

Zara schlick is living her life alone no friends,no family everything.she has no parents they died on a car crash she also has no siblings.she party all night ,sleep with different guys she drink a lot ...she is what we call a bad girl.but everything of that change when she slept with no other than Harry styles he take her home for one night stand.and when she met the boys things get complicated because 2/5 of one direction fall for her..


1. Introduction

Hi I'm Zara Schlick,I'm 18 yrs old,I have long wavy dark brown hair,brown eyes,I'm tanned I'm living my life alone but that doesn't mean I'm lonely actually I'm very happy with my life I party all night slept with different guys I drink I get laid I have done everything except to love.eversince her parents died in a car crash she changed a lot she used to be a vey happy and cheeky girl but now everything changed.
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