Poor Alice

Alice live's next door to a complete snob but she doesnt care and take's life as it comes.
But what would happen if one day she became lucky and rubbed her snotty nosed neighbours face right in it.


1. Full short story

Poor Alice


Helen Holdsworth looked out of her perfectly clean kitchen window, the sun shone into the kitchen as she looked at her beautiful tidy garden, every thing had its place, the flower beds neatly laid in rows, the garden shed tidy in the corner. She saw a slight smudge on the window glass, “OH bother”, she said out loud to herself. Now she would have to clean the windows again for the second time that day.

Helen was always a one for keeping her home in ship shape condition, in fact if the truth be known Helen was an utter snob and she let her friends know about it as well. How her husband Ian brought so much money into their bank account from his well paid job in the city.

She took pride in her home unlike some, like that sad case Alice next door, she could see Alice now over the garden fence, picking those horrid vegetables that grew all round in her shabby garden. Next door’s garden was a real tip compared to Helens.

She slide open the sliding French windows and walked into her garden, “Hello Helen”, Alice said from the other side of the fence. Alice waved to Helen a dirty bunch of carrots in her hand, god how common, thought Helen. Alice was at the fence, “Lovely day”; Helen just nodded back to her.

Then Helen smiled now was her chance to impress, “OH yes did I tell you me and Ian are going to the south of France in a couple weeks”. The poor woman dressed in tatty clothes just smiled back at Helen, “That’s nice, be a good brake for you both”, then turning she went back to her carrot picking.

The sun shone down on Helen and she could feel her temper rising, every time this happened, she would tell her next door neighbour about all the wonderful things she and her husband were going to do and every time it was the same response. Helen wanted to see jealousy etched on her neighbours face but no just that stupid expression the whole time. She turned to go back inside, “OH Helen have you got any old clothes”, Alice said behind her.

Helen paused and answered frostily,Why”.Alice went on, “well its just that Adam needs some more clothes and him and your Tony being the same size, I thought I would ask”, a little pause and Alice went on, “Save you just throwing them away”. The embarrassment of it, Helen nearly let out a giggle, but instead she said, “What’s up Alice money tight again”. She looked for a tell tale sign of resentment from Alice but her face remained blank. Helen once more turned to go inside and said over her shoulder, “I’ll see if I have any thing for you”, what a cheek asking for clothes for that lay about son of hers. But Helen did have a heart and she did feel sorry for Alice, what with her husband leaving her, running off with a young bimbo and leaving her with no money.

Later that day Helen found some old clothes for Alice and put them in a black sack, then she saw a pair of ripped jeans thrown in a corner of Tony’s room, she added those to the sack.

“Mum where’s my jeans”, Tony shouted down the stairs, “What jeans love”, Helen replied at the bottom of the stairs. “The ones with the rips in them”, Helen faced her son who had come to the top of the stairs, he was a good looking boy even if she did say so herself. She put her hand to her mouth, “Sorry love but I thought they were old, so I gave them to next door”. Tony just shrugged his thin shoulders and went back to his room calling out, “That’s ok mum, no problem”.

That night Helen ticked off her numbers on her lottery card,”Damn”,her husband looked over at her, “No luck again honey”, her husband said smiling at her from his chair in the front room. She grunted at him as she watched the television, the presenter of the lottery show, was saying some thing about two million pound’s had still been unclaimed from last week. Her husband shifted in his chair “Boy”, he said, “Some one is sure going to be lucky if they find that lottery ticket”.

A couple of days later there was a knock on Helens door, when Helen opened the door she found Alice standing on her door step. She looked down at her next door neighbour as if she was worried she would dirty her door step,”Yes”,Helen hissed at her. Alice put a piece of paper in Helens hand, “I found this in those jeans you gave Adam”; Helen looked down at the lottery ticket.

She handed it back to Alice as if it had an incurable disease attached to it, Helen didn’t have time for this nonsense, and she had to be at her friend’s house to play cribbage in five minutes. “Look keeps the stupid piece of paper, maybe you could make a coaster out of it “and with that she slammed the door on an open mouthed Alice.

That Saturday Helen sighed yet again as her lottery numbers failed to come up, she stood up, “Cup of tea dear”, she said to Ian, “Yes please love”, her husband said smiling back at her. As she went into the kitchen, her large fitted kitchen with all the modern equipment, she heard the presenter saying from the television in the front room that they had now found the lucky winner of the two million missing lottery ticket.

She put the kettle on, “Helen”, Ian shouted from the front room, “Come and have a look at this”, he added. Helen put her hand on her forehead and replied, “What now”, she stood waiting for a reply, “Well I thought you said next door couldn’t afford to buy lottery tickets”, Ian shouted back at her.

Helen walked back into the living room on shaky legs, she had a horrible thought suddenly, and she looked at the television screen.

All of a sudden she felt very weak and sick to her stomach, there on the television screen along with her son Adam was Alice receiving a cheque for two million pounds.


The end


C Robert Paul Bennett 1997/2012

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