Little Things That Saved Me

i made this story on another account so my friend wouldn't be able to read it but I've forgotten the password so i will just be posting it on here! i really hope you all like it!... Eliza has a hard life.she's been through more than any 19 year old girl should have to. she has lost important people and is about to meet some new ones. will she loose them too? this story has a long intro that basically talks about her life. it not 100% focused on 1D in the begging! keep reading though because it gets better. i hope you enjoy! leave feedback please.


2. Missing them

Back to my one direction tickets. I couldn’t wait to go. The next day I went shopping for the cutest thing to wear. I got a really cute pair of blue jean shorts that were bleached at the bottom and a like oversized sweater top thing. The concert was something I was dreaming about and I couldn’t wait, but I had never expected what would happen there. It was the night of the concert tonight. I got had to go to school and then I had lacrosse practice. The concert started at 7:30, but the meet and greet was before and it started at 6:00. I got home around 4. I took a shower and got ready. I was bout to leave the house when my mother came out and asked where I was going. I could hear by the tone in her vice that she wasn’t in a good mood. She started yelling at me. There was no reason too except the fact my phone buzzed when she was talking. She got into this whole thing about how I’m so disrespectful. Each minute she said something I was later and later for the concert. It took like 45 minutes to get to the venue from my house. I got to the concert venue at like 7:20. I literally sprinted down the hallways to the area where the meet and greet was and the boys had just left to get ready for their concert. I was devastated. Why? Why me? I worked for this. It wasn’t handed to me. I had lost so much so much bad has happened I deserved to see them, to thank them. 

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