What a Friendly Twist

**This is my first fanfic plz don't judge

Amanda and Faith are best friends they've been BFFS since they were in 8th grade and now they are seniors. Faith has always really had life easy a few bumps hear and there but what life doesn't!? Amanda on the other hand has had it a little harder, she has a witch of a mother, an ugly annoying stepsister, but she has Faith. What will happen to them when Faith does something that will change their lives forever!? Also what happens when the two bump into 5 boys that could change their lives forever? (Some explicit chapters will be included)


2. Shopping

Faith's POV:

I walk up to Amanda's door wearing my favorite denim daisy dukes, my yellow tank top and black glitter flip flops. I ring the doorbell once and hear Amanda running down the stairs, she swung open the door and practicly jumped on me! We gave each other the biggest bear hugs. "So is your mom awake? Does she know your leaving?!" I asked her. "Well... No but I left a note!! I just didn't want to face her again. I'm sorry!" "Sorry? Sorry for what?!" "I don't know! You know me I always apologize for things even if I don't have to!" "Yeah, Yeah comon" She gets into the passanger seat while got in the drivers side of my Subaru. "Ready!" I cheered. "Yup" "Forever 21 here we come!!!" We were driving down the street just singing along to the radio when our song come. "Turn it up!" I yelled. "Well duh this is our jam!!" We started to sing it as loud as we could "sneaks out in middle of the night yeah, tight dress with top cut low she's addicted to feeling of letting go ohh oh let it go, walks in and the room just lights up but she don't want anyone to know that I'm the only one that gets to take her home take her home" we were having so much fun. I pulled up right at my favorite part that sucks "she's not affrid of..." "Damn bad timing" "No kidding Faith you turned it off at the best part!!" "Sorry! Blame time not me!" "Okay stupid time!!" "Hahaha" we both laughed. We hop out and race each other into Forever 21. I win because she hates running and is really slow. We walk in and and I flip my long brown hair, man do I love doing that. "Okay Amanda I know exactly what we should wear!!!" "Okay lead the way" "My pleasure." We walk up the first stairs then the next so we were on the 3rd floor great!
I walk over to the dresses and hand Amanda pink glitter dress the top is cut low and it goes down about an inch below your butt. "No way!!" Amanda exclaimed "why? It's cute!" "Cute for you!! Your not afraid to wear revealing stuff I am!" "Fine I will wear it!!!" "Good" "ahh how about this one?" A mid thigh long sleeve pink flowy dress. "It's beautiful" "perfect lets go try them on" "k" we walk into the dressing room and we each go into the same stale. "Okay you first" she told me. "Okay" I slip out of my shorts and tank top take off my shoes an slip on the tight dress. It looked perfect it showed off all my curves in the perfect way and didn't make me feel uncomfortable!! "I love it" I told her. "You look amazing" "thank you, now try on yours so we can stand next to each other and see how we look!" "Ok"

Amanda's POV:

She looked amazing as always. "You look amazing" "thank you, now try on yours so we can stand next to each other and see how we look!" "Ok" man I really don't like trying on stuff can't we just go home I'm going to look crappy anyways. I take off my clothes then slip into the dress actually I don't look to bad Faith really knows how to pick a dress! "You look... Whoa" "thank you" man when Faith didn't have anything to say that means I really did look good!

Faith's POV: she look beautiful I didn't know what to say I was always a little jealous of the way she looked. "You look... Whoa" "thank you" we stood next toeachother and looked in the mirror "we're looking hot!" I said. "Hell yeah we are" we got dressed again bought the dresses and went home. I was planning on spending the night at her house so I walk in with her. "AMANDA HARLSON WERE IN THE FUCKING WORLD WERE YOU!!!!!" Her mom yelled while walking out of the kitchen. "Mom I left you a note... Me and Faith went shopping for a deeds to wear to our graduation tonight. Oh yeah! Here are your tickets" "Fuck you Amanda I'm going to your Graduation I didn't even think you were going to graduate" "mom you half to go" "yeah you have to" I pitched in. "Shut up Faith I don't even like you!!! And no I don't hav to!!!! Don't ever tell me what I have to do" *slap* she slapped Amanda!!! "OMG NO!!!! I won't let hurt her!!!! Amanda go in your room and pack your leaving this dump for good" "she can't leave" "Amanda go!!" Amanda ran up stairs to pack. While me and her mom had a screaming match an hour later she comes down with 5 bags. "This all I have, I ready to go!" "Good" "Nnoooo you are not leaving!" Her mom screamed. "Watch me!!" And me and Amanda walk out the house with all her bags. We put them in trunk and drive to my house.
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