What a Friendly Twist

**This is my first fanfic plz don't judge

Amanda and Faith are best friends they've been BFFS since they were in 8th grade and now they are seniors. Faith has always really had life easy a few bumps hear and there but what life doesn't!? Amanda on the other hand has had it a little harder, she has a witch of a mother, an ugly annoying stepsister, but she has Faith. What will happen to them when Faith does something that will change their lives forever!? Also what happens when the two bump into 5 boys that could change their lives forever? (Some explicit chapters will be included)


1. Getting ready

Amanda's POV:

Today is the day!!!! Today is the day I graduate!! No more central high!!!! I'm 18 year old and finally free!!! Faith and I still haven't picked out what we are going to wear that's we we are going shopping today!!! Yeah!!! She texted me this morning saying that she would be here at 1:30 to pick me up. It's 1:00 I better get dressed, I quickly pull on some black skinny jeans with a white lace top over my pink tank top and slipped on some white gilliter toms my favorite! I walk into the bathroom put on some pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, masscra, and lip gloss, I let my long blond hair flow down back as I brush it out I think I will go natural today! *ding dong* that's Faith! I run down stairs grab my purse swing open the door and greet my best friend with a hug.
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