more than this (Niall Horan love story)

please realise this is my first one so it may be a little suckish so yeah other than that enjoy it now lets get to the description
savannah peers is a ordinary Irish teen with one question that changed her life


6. the decision

Niall's POV

As I typed the words up on the computer the words I love it buzzed around in my head.As I grabbed my guitar and the pages from the printer I just wanted to call Savannah but I wouldn't be able to cause I could see and definitely hear the girls outside.I had to get to the studio.So I opened the door and there were way more girls than usual.As I pushed my way through I gave 2-4 autographs at the most no Horan hugs or  pictures.I ran to the limo and jumped in and nearly fell on Harry and cracked up laughing as we all laughed as Louis and I cracked some jokes.Just as we stopped we were warned to mind all the girls.We ran straight at them and they all moved out of the way.Just as we got to the door I noticed I forgot my guitar and the lyrics so I ran through again and got them and ran back through the crowd of girls.We went inside and sang the song for our manager.He said he'll think weather or not he likes it or not.

Savannah's POV

After he came over yesterday I kinda fell for him now I need him back.I am over all fans and stuff like that.When he was singing he just made the cutest face.I think I am going to take him back.Just somehow I need dump the guy I am dating now.Which is going to be soooo hard because he is so cute.But I'll take him back.

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