more than this (Niall Horan love story)

please realise this is my first one so it may be a little suckish so yeah other than that enjoy it now lets get to the description
savannah peers is a ordinary Irish teen with one question that changed her life


3. skipping a heart beat

Niall's POV

I've held auditions to find that girl.Wow I've never seen so many girls in one line.But now I'm kinda regretting doing this because all the girls are pushing and shoving each other.Then I see a girl outside giving me a dirty look.I go outside as I opened the door she ran away.I look back at all the girls inside still pushing and shoving.I decide to call the boys tell them I've been chased by a bunch of girls and tell them to hold the auditions themselves.All running after her.

Savannah's POV

Shoot his chasing me.He won't give up.I am never taking him back no matter how hard he tries.The x factor changed him and I don't like change.He just kept saying ''savannah wait please.''But I totally ignored him.




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