more than this (Niall Horan love story)

please realise this is my first one so it may be a little suckish so yeah other than that enjoy it now lets get to the description
savannah peers is a ordinary Irish teen with one question that changed her life


5. OMG all round

Niall's POV

I can't believe she actually offered I took the chance.Without thinking I took the chance and replied "of course."she said "come on over whenever," with a worried voice.I explained to mum and the boys and ran over to her for 2 reasons 1 there was a bunch of fans chasing me and 2 because I wanted to spend a lot of time with her.But when I got over there was her new boyfriend at the front door.I ran off and called her "you said we would be alone so why is he here" then confused she said "what are you talking about.""look out your door he is standing right outside"

Savannah POV

I look outside he is there.After I warned him earlier but as usual he didn't listen.I made him go away and he did.So I called Niall and told him to come in.When he came in we went up to my room and we sat there awkwardly in silence.Until he started to sing after he finished he asked " do you like it? and "I love it" I answered "who is it about?"I asked "you" he said.I couldn't believe it he actually wrote a song about me.   

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