more than this (Niall Horan love story)

please realise this is my first one so it may be a little suckish so yeah other than that enjoy it now lets get to the description
savannah peers is a ordinary Irish teen with one question that changed her life


18. get out get out get out of my head and fall into my arms instead

Savannah's POV

Niall is just buzzing around my head.I can't concentrate.Also because he is back stage trying to find me and every time he does.I run into my dressing room.My tears are running down my face as my back slides down the wall.

He is at the door screaming my name and bashing his fists against the door.I  go to the door and yell "GET BLOODY AWAY I DON'T CARE WHERE YOU GO AS LONG AS IT'S NOT HERE,"No, we need to talk," He says."fine you have 3 minutes to explain" I open the door and I see him wiping the tears off his face and putting on a grin.

Niall's POV

Thank god she let me in."look it was a misunderstanding you jumped to conclusions," I explained "me jump to conclusions.What you do if you saw that text on my phone?huh how bout you think about that instead of your self for a change." she yelled in my face.

"look I texted her to never call or text to me again I am so sorry I'll do anything to have you back," I said trying to hold back my tears and nerves.But I could she could tell because she came over to me and hugged and said " I love you mister Horan and lets let anything get between us again." "okay, miss Peers." I said as I picked her up and swang her around.She laughed so hard.We could hear english accents outside.

We walk outside and to the restaurant to eat the food we never got to eat.The way there was a night mare the paparazzi and the girls wanting autographs and pictures now that we are both famous.    


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