more than this (Niall Horan love story)

please realise this is my first one so it may be a little suckish so yeah other than that enjoy it now lets get to the description
savannah peers is a ordinary Irish teen with one question that changed her life


14. a long and tiring journey

Niall's POV

I'am going to miss Savannah.She called me to say bye.She has seen Danielle and they are sitting next to each other on the plane and are sharing a room.They said they would video chat us when they get there seen as there is only 2 in a room.

Savannah's  POV

Were on the plane now.I'm sitting next to Dani.We were both sleeping.When we got there we ran to our room and video chatted with the boys.Then I went to the place where we do the live shows.To practice and then Dani came and we had to choose our dancers.Of course I choose Dani and a few of her friends.This week I am singing everything about you.My mentor Cheryl choose last first kiss for me to sing.I was over the moon one of my boyfriends song I hugged her so tight she felt a bit a ........ awkward.Then she kinda pushed me away and into the recording part of the studio and handed me the lyrics.I took I quick look at them then put them on the table next to me.


how is it

I am not bothered to write the lyrics because I'm of sick

don't want to wreck the story so I'm going to shut the hell up now

see ya

saibhe Horan <3

After I had finished singing I saw Cheryl with a grin that went from ear to ear while clapping then I stated grinning from ear to ear.    

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