Stole My Heart

Two ordinary girls are at a club little did they know they r being watched bye two super cute guys find out what happens.....


5. Worried

Erika POV

Niall has been acting weird lately since earlier

Erika: Hey Niall

Niall: Ya Babe

Erika: Why r u acting weird

Niall: Im not babe i promise why do u think that

Erika: Its true u have been tell me whats Wrong

Niall: Ok well u know that girl that came to the door she i guess was a fan and she wants to date me but i love u and im confused of how she found me and something else

Erika: Wow ok im leaving

Niall: But why

Erika: ur confused about who to pick let me make it easy for you

Niall: No its just thats not it

Erika: then what is it

Niall: I wanna know how she found me

Erika: oh well who cares

* knock knock*

Erika: let me get it

Erika: hello

Same girl: hey is Niall here

Erika: whats it to u

Girl: i love him

Niall walks over
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