Stole My Heart

Two ordinary girls are at a club little did they know they r being watched bye two super cute guys find out what happens.....


6. Sleep over

Rose's POV

We walked into the place where the boys are staying and they were throwing things all over the place. They didn't notice that we walked in so I grabbed 4 grapes from off the coffee table. I guess someone was eating them but oh well :) I threw them at Zayn, Louis, Harry and Liam one by one hitting them all in the cheek. I quickly ducked behind a couch before they could see me. Haha!
"WHO THREW THAT?" Louis yelled I jumped up from behind the couch and yelled I did, poor Zayn who was sitting on the couch, I scared him to death. Harry laughed,
"This is my friend, Rose." He said. They all said hi, then Liam grabbed the grapes and sat down next to Zayn. Zayn looked from the grapes to me and grinned. He grabbed a handful then threw them at me all at once. "Revenge!" He shouted. I laughed then sat on a love seat next to Harry. He put his arm around my shoulder and i blushed. We all just sat there while I told the boys about myself and Erika until Niall walked in with Erika. Not looking all lovey dovey but frustrated. Hmm :S
"What's going on?" I asked Erika she looked at Niall then back to me "Niall has a crazy fan stalker who won't leave him alone." I looked at Niall.
"Niall! Why do you have to have Irish charm!?!" I blamed him. He laughed and shrugged "Hey! Don't blame he charm! It's a gift!" I smiled. There, I lightened the mood. Good job Rosie! I congratulated my self :3
I decided to spend the night ... AS FRIENDS! But Erika went home. Oh well. I noticed what I was wearing -- skinny jeans, a v-neck blue shirt, blue ankle high heeled boots and a sweater. No way I can sleep in this -.- It was like Harry read my mind cause he came out with basketball shorts and one of his t-shirts. I smiled, "Thanks HarBear :)" I went to the bathroom to change. When I got done I went to the kitchen and sat down in a chair next to Harry. "I look so much better in these then you do, and you know it!" I told him and laughed.

Harry's POV

"Yep, you sure do." I said then bit my bottom lip. I wanted her, but I had to have self-control. I looked into her blue eyes, "Rose, I have something to ask you ..." I started to say. She smiled "Yeessss?"
"I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?" She kissed me passionately, "Of course I do Mr. Harold Styles." She said and smiled. "I feel like the happiest person in the world right now Ms. Rosalie White." We both laughed. I fixed my hair, she yawned. "You tired?" I asked and she nodded her head. I led her to my room and she jumped onto the bed. I jumped onto it too and we cuddled until we both fell asleep.

Rose's POV

I woke up before he did. He slept so peacefully, I remembered having my purse and me putting it in the living room. I wanted it because it had makeup and my straightener in it. Yes, I carry a straightener with me, I mean, you never know when you need it. I walked into the bathroom and started straightening my hair. When I was done Harry walked passed the bathroom door, I got the perfect idea. Hehe. "Haroollllld!" He walked backwards until he was at the door way again. "Yes, Rosalie?"
I clapped the straightener, he shook his head, "Nooo." I stuck my bottom lip out a bit and looked into his eyes. He covered his eyes with his hands "Fine." He mumbled. I started straightening his hair. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this.
"Vous avez l'air si mignon!" I whispered in his ear. I could speak 3 languages, French, Spanish, and English (of course). He bit his lip. "Croyez-moi, je ne suis pas le seul," he said.
I blushed, I took my comb and styled his hair the way he usually would style it. He looked so adorable! He flipped his hair. "Swoosh." I said, he laughed.
"Now what?" I asked him, he shrugged. "Well you wanna wash it out? I know you miss your bipolar hair right now." I told him.
"Maybe later. It's.... Different." I laughed "Oh really?" He nodded his head. I kissed him, then started doing my makeup.
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