Stole My Heart

Two ordinary girls are at a club little did they know they r being watched bye two super cute guys find out what happens.....


4. Find Outs

Erika's POV

I thought it was time to find out about each other

Niall: So Erika whats ur favorite color

Amber: I would have to say red whats urs

Niall: I would have to say that blue is my fav color

Erika: fav food

Niall: Pizza and Nando's what is urs

Erika: mines Pickles and Pistachios

Niall: wow ok fav movie

Erika: mine would have to be Dolphin Tale it makes me cry

Niall: aww u poor thing mine Grease

Erika: lol ok fav instrument

Niall: Defiantly guitar

Erika: Me too

Niall: What kind of Perfume do u wear

Erika: Victoria Secret

Niall: Awesome well what do u wanna do

Erika: Idk what do u think Harry and Rose are doing

Niall: no clue he told me something about a surprise visit to her

Erika: aww how sweet

Niall: not as sweet as this
*leans in for kiss*

Erika:* oh ok leans in for kiss*

Niall * puts arms around waist

Erika * puts arms around neck

* knock knock*

Erika: whos that

Niall: no clue lets see

Erika: ok

Niall: * opens door* hello

Girl: One question do u have a girl friend

Niall: whats it to u and how did u find me

Girl: wanna go out Niall

Niall* slams door*

Erika: who was it

Niall: No one

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