Stole My Heart

Two ordinary girls are at a club little did they know they r being watched bye two super cute guys find out what happens.....


7. Chapter 7

Niall's POV

I told her that i had charm and she giggled i think she likes my charm

*text message*. From Erika- Hey sorry I got so jealous its just I never felt this way about any guy before

Me- Its ok Love and i think you look cute when ur jealous

Erika- Oh wow nice to know lol

Me- I know i got swag

Erika- You wish

Me- I do and you should come over and hang out

Erika- Is Rose over there

Me- Ya i think so

Erika- Ok fine i will be over soon Love u

Me- K love u too <3

Erika's POV

I have to get ready so i take a quick shower put on some white skinny jeans a green shirt with a Ireland flag on it and some green converse

I got in the car and started driving over there

I arrived


I see Niall coming and he then smiles and runs upstairs to bad for him i know where the hidden key is

I unlock the door and run after him up the stairs

Niall: How did u get in

Erika: maybe next time you won't tell where the key is

Niall: Oh i did tell u didnt i

Erika: ya think

Niall: Love you

Erika: Love you too

* Niall tries to kiss me*

* Kiss *

Erika- Giggles

Niall: What

Erika: you like my shirt

Niall: Thats my shirt

Erika: mhmm

Niall: give it

Erika: Nah

Niall: i will get it

Erika: ok come get it

Niall runs after me

Erika: Screech

Niall: haha got it

Erika: you do realize im in my bra in the hallway right

Niall: umm whoops to my room

Erika: haha nope

Niall: yes

Erika: no you can't make me

Niall: wanna bet

Erika: dont u dare do it

Niall: too late

Erika: Niall put me down!!!!!

He puts me on the bed

Niall: U want ur shirt back

Erika: nope its urs remember i will just walk around the house in my bra

Niall: dont bother me non

Erika: ok whatever the boys will just see me in my bra

Niall: No dont they will want to see u

Erika: oh well


Niall: come on babe put the shirt on

Erika: y

Niall: cuz only i get i see u like this

Erika: Fine

Niall: good

Erika: oh an umm nice six pack

Niall: i know right its so hott

Erika: mhmm sure

Niall: hey!!!

Erika: im kidding

Niall: ok

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