Spoby Forever ... Maybe ?

Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh have been together for almost two years.They Have always thought nothing would Seperate them ... utill a new girl named , Bridgit moved to town . Spencer began to doubt T H I E R relationship . But Toby Made something very clear .


1. Just Describing

Babe! Stop bragging ! said my loving , caring , and incredibly handsome boyfriend Toby . He always looks super extremely adorable when he gets shy . His cheecks get cherry red and his dark blue eyes turn into a huge ocean you just get lost in ." I wouldn't consider telling everyone how amazing you are bragging ." Toby and I have been together for almost two years and they have been the best two years of all my sixteen years of living . Brinng! " Babe I've got to go !I Don't want to be late to Mrs.Montgomery's class " I Said . " Of course , I know babe don't worry we've gone over this before . "he said chuckling so cute just like always .It was true . I'm that straight A student  that has never done anything wrong ,well other than keeping a full  three year life of secrets ,but let's not get into that just yet . But other than that you can say i'm sort of a goody-goody . Then there is Toby .Toby has always been that quiet kid in class that nobody really notices. I admit I didn't really pay much attention to him before we actually met . All I knew about him is that he was the person that saved my four bestfriend ,Allison,Aria ,Hannah ,Emily , and I from probably a year of prision or maybe even worse . But either way my mom would've gotten us out of that little problem. "Thank you for being you !" I shouted halfway down the hall . All I heard as a response was just a cute chuckle.  Now i know this might sound corny , but that  was more than enough to make my entire day a great day. 


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