My True Love {Paused}

Victoria has a BoyFriend Louis Tomlinson! YUP ! From 1D but since he tried X-Factor he has been gone a while.... Will Victoria still be with him or not...


6. Telling The Truth...

Victoria's POV

I woke up by louis talking to the phone then he ended he said

'Good Morning babe ! Paul told me that we are going have an interview with the lads and your coming with us in the interview!'

'Well okay ! What time ?'

'Right now ! so get your ass to the shower now !'

'Okay ! 'Sass Master ! calm down !' We both laugh then i took a shower then change into something normal like just a tshirt and jeans and converse i headed down ate breakfast then went to the limo with the boys then we headed to the studio then the show starts in any minute


The show was starting i could hear and see fans/Directioners screaming then it was starting now.....

Welcome to E! News ! We have One Direction and the person you wanna know who..

So boys... i heard theres a new girl eh !

Yeah! Niall said

So is she your friend, Girlfriend, Cousin or something...

well i dont want to hurt anybody but she is taken by me ! Louis said

Fans/directioners got more crazy than ever !!! i never could imagine this would happen...


Hey guys !!!

so yeah here it is and in this chapter there will be the another part of this so yeah im soooo sooo very sorry i haven't post any chapters cause its my Exams !!! so yeah i might post tomorrow or next week cause i have to study so yeah btw i have another signature its like this ~REA~ SO IT COULD BE EASY :)




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