My True Love {Paused}

Victoria has a BoyFriend Louis Tomlinson! YUP ! From 1D but since he tried X-Factor he has been gone a while.... Will Victoria still be with him or not...


2. School then met a stranger ?

Victoria's Pov

So i just woke up for school. I'm just gonna take a shower then wear my Jeans, A regular T-Shirt and converse *AFTER DONE WITH EVERYTHING EVEN EATING*

So I'm Just gonna take my bike


Finally I'm done with school it was kinda boring but i have to so yeah

So i have homework so i'll go to starbucks to relax and to study

So when i went to starbucks i order a Peppermint Mocha and Egg Salad Sandwich

So i chose a spot which is very comfortable so i sat down put my food and my bag down then get my book then get my beats to listen to music


You can't go to bed without a cup of tea

maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep

and all those conversations are the secrets that i keep

though it makes no sense to me

i was listening Louis's Part in Little Things then someone distracted

He said if the seat beside me is taken i said 'No'

He said 'Okay. Thank you !'

He looked so similar I studied his face and he said

'Anything wrong dear ?'

i said loudly 'ARE YOU LOUIS TOMLINSON !?!?"

He said 'Yeah ! wh- OH MY GOODNESS Victoria !!!'

'OMG LOUIS I MISSED YOU !!! I Hugged him so much

'Gosh ! Victoria i though we wouldn't meet again i missed you a lot and are we still you know GF AND BF ?



Hey There !

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