My True Love {Paused}

Victoria has a BoyFriend Louis Tomlinson! YUP ! From 1D but since he tried X-Factor he has been gone a while.... Will Victoria still be with him or not...


4. Restart our day :)

Victoria's Pov

I was full of joy !!!

I Can't believe it me and louis are back together !!!

So i guess it's a new day with my boyfriend !!!

"So Babe... ? Where do you want to go cause later i have to record our other songs for the Take Me Home Album"He said

Umm...How about meeting your mates ?" i said

"Well... That would be a wonderful idea !"

"Okay then... Let's Go !!!"

Me and Louis went to the car with silent then i broke the silent by saying

"Louis... Do you think they will hate me ?

"OF COURSE NOT !!! Why would you think they will hate you ? They would love you and duh of course not hurt cause your my little berryboo girlfriend *kissing my forehead*

'Thanks Boobear ! I love you !"

"Love you too babe !"


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