My True Love {Paused}

Victoria has a BoyFriend Louis Tomlinson! YUP ! From 1D but since he tried X-Factor he has been gone a while.... Will Victoria still be with him or not...


3. Real Answer ?

Louis's Pov

I can't believe that Victoria is here ! i missed her very much but i remember that we never broke up so i'll just ask her


Yeah Lou ? what is it ?

Are we GF and BF ? cause i know we never broke up Right ?

She said 'Well do you still want to be with me or not i'm fine with if you want its okay with me'

So is that a yes ? I said

Yes it is !

I Kissed her like i never kissed her

i said 'I love you babe !'

'I love you too lou"



Hey Peeps !!!

I'M SO SORRY IF ITS SHORT !!! cause i had homework and i was in a rush with it i'm really as in REALLY sorry guys !!! I'll just try to make the other chapters longer !!!

Luff you Guys !!! :)

                                                                              Thank you !!!




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