My True Love {Paused}

Victoria has a BoyFriend Louis Tomlinson! YUP ! From 1D but since he tried X-Factor he has been gone a while.... Will Victoria still be with him or not...


8. Happy Birthday Louis !!!

Victoria' s POV
I woke up and i was super ready for the plan !
I got up took a shower and brush my teeth after that i wore an Overlarge Shirt and my skinny jeans with my White Vans
i called up louis to pick me up but then i realize that i might ruin the plan so instead i called Liam, I chose Liam to pick me up instead cause he has a girlfriend named Bali anyways so he won't fall in love with me cause I could really see Niall making some faces around me so it's kinda creepy.

'Hi Liam this is Victoria,
'Hey Tori !'
'Is Louis sleeping ?'
'Good ! but can you pick me up make sure nobody wakes up louis remember im going to tell you the plan right ?'
'Oh right sure yeah totally i will be there after 8 min.'
'Thanks Liam ! see ya bye'
so i ended the call and i just ate a bagel then i waited for liam....

*after 8 minutes*

I heard the door bell rang and I knew it was Liam and I opened the door and saw him

'Hey Tori !’
'Wassap Liam'
'Hows everything?'
'Pretty good'

Me and Liam headed to the car and went off to the flat. Me and Liam were very silent during the drive but we just live near anyways

When we went down the car and I opened the door to the flat and I can already see that Niall is messy with food and Zayn is totally focus on the mirror and then there's Harry watching some cat channel


I told them the plan was that we were suppose to give him a carrot birthday surprise and the best part was that I left him alone like FORVER and give him something for him to remember me but I'll will surprise him like scared the sh*t outta him and he might neither say to me that when I surprise him that he is gonna kill me yet gonna have pillow fight with me and he's gonna have a massive party !


So Louis is awake and I say nothing at all about the party but we were at the van when we almost there i gave the boys the letter but not to Louis, then they are gonna give it to Louis that part where I scare him and since we were there we had to blindfold him.

We blindfold him then we entered the room full of carrots like all of them are everywhere then we close all the lights and remove the blindfold then runaway from him.......

“SUPRISE!!!!” Everyone said
Louis' Friends and family are here like we had to contact ALL OF HIS FRIENDS then that the part when I ranaway...

Louis POV
I just realize it was my birthday today ! I was really stupid to know that I forgot my own birthday but I was just wondering where was Victoria ?

I asked the boys where was Victoria but then they gave me a letter.
The left me alone with this letter I'm holding
It's said...
Dear BooBear,

Hey ! I miss you you soooo much I know I was with you awhile ago but I went somewhere and I might not see you again. I'm sorry that I left you without my permission to you but I'm asking now I will always miss you forever

I love you Boobear


I cried all the way down to the floor lifeless. She'd left, she'd left
I already miss her I want her so badly I want her to be with me right now I want to hold her I want to kiss her I want to hug her I want to play with her but mostly her......

I just stood up then I heard someone scream my name I got scared then when that person was behind my back I hit her.

I knew it was a girl's voice cause its was so obvious but I realize I just hit Victoria....

Victoria's POV

I was running towards Louis I was screaming his name but he didn't moved at all be he suddenly hit me..

Doesn't he know I was his girlfriend ?

Then I fell to the cold hard ground then everything was black that I can't see anything... At all

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