#TargetGirl [Harry and Liam FanFic] [COMPLETED]

Ally Khrystn enjoys her job @ Target.
Getting into work late. Stacking albums...
But a 'Battle of the Bands' display is up @ Target between The Wanted and One Direction and the boys from 1D just can't help themselves, so they go and check out the sales.
Ally, unbeknowist to their plan tells a disguised Harry that he's a pervert.
Later on, Harry tweets about an elusive #TargetGirl which gets the media buzzing about who she is and if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are still together....
Liam, brokenhearted from Danielle, comes up with a plan to get her back...
But everything back fires as he falls for #TargetGirl
What does a girl do, when 2 of 1D are after her heart???
And to make matters more interesting she has a crush on her cousin... But then it's understandable when you find out who he is? A clue... He's British and also in a band. What will happen when another falls for the Wyatt heiress??
Read and find out
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47. #Tally?



Nathan’s POV


“Here ya go lads,” I heard Max say just as he enters the living room with six bottles of ice cold beers in hand.

“Cheers mate,” I said as I took a bottle for myself after Siva grabs his without a word and started drowning himself in it.

“Dang, she's fit,” I muttered as I watched Emily Blunt acting on the telly.

“Spot on Natey,” Siva exclaimed as he finished his bottle.

From his track record, I was already expecting him to be singing ‘God loves Britain’ very soon. This was after all, his fourth bottle of the night and if there's something I know about the Irish is that he can’t handle his alcohol very well.

Max got the same idea as he eyed Siva.

Then after making sure that Siva wouldn’t be spewing up anything soon, he got up and announced, “Siva, that’s it for tonight.”

“But-” Siva started to protest, his words already slurring.

“Get some shut eye you Irish,” Max interrupted as he headed the guy towards the guest room.

“Where’s Als at tonight?” Tom asked as he went through his Twitter account on his Blackberry.

I scoffed, knowing that Tom had already been made aware of my cousin’s plans this afternoon from the source herself.

Maybe he was just hoping that I would say that she’d texted and was already home.

I sighed deeply as I thought over the current situation.

Tom had, for the past month since Als arrived, stopped going to outings. He was convinced that Ally would miraculously announce that he was for her.

Keep dreaming Parker.

“Out with ‘them’,” I said anyways to amuse him.

“On a date with Liam?” his tone was an inch between a growl and a grunt.

I nodded, sensing that he wasn’t happy about it.

I didn’t hold that against him.

Heck, even I wasn’t happy about my cousin going out with one of them.

“So lads,” I started just as Max entered the room and plopped down on the sofa next to Tom, “we really haven’t discussed this yet, but what do you really think of Als?”

Everyone was silent for what felt like an hour but was confirmed by my Rolex was only thirty seconds.

“So?” I prodded as they continued to eye the telly which was still streaming ‘Young Victoria’.

“Lads?” I tried again.

They continued to watch the movie which was currently on the scene of Victoria and her hubbie making out.

I stood up hastily, grabbed the remote from Jay who was staring intently at his nails like it would magically grow longer, and flipped the telly off.

“Oi,” they complained.

“Answer the question and then you can watch Emily Blunt screwing the guy,” I explained.

“Fine,” they all muttered their agreement.


“She’s quite… uh…” Jay was self conflicted with what adjective to describe my cousin with.

“Quite what McGuiness?” I asked.

“Hmm…” he paused before adding, “Fit.”

The rest of the lads nodded their full agreement.

“Very, very fit,” Max added.

They all chuckled again.

“Very, very, very fit,” Tom added further with a grin that could light up the Eiffel tower.

“Very, very, v-” Jay started.

“Oi!” I interceded. “That’s my cousin you’re talking about.”

“Well, you’re the one who asked us to tell ya,” Jay defended.

“She’s taken lads.”

“Yeah,” Max nodded. “And so am I, but I was just stating the obvious fact that she’s fit.”


I flipped the telly back on but none of them was interested in it anymore, so Max got up and came back with some more beers.

After an hour of downing drink after drink, I checked the time.

11:29 pm.

I logged onto my twitter.


@NathanTheWanted: Making the last 31 minutes of 2012 memorable with the lads. #CantWaitFor2013


I smiled widely as I stared, gob smacked at the response my single tweet got. I still haven’t gotten over the fame we’d been getting. The fans were just simply amazing. Already I’ve gotten 863 Retweets and 905 Favourites.

I scrolled through the lads accounts and their latest tweets.

Max had tweeted a picture of Siva asleep in the guest room, his mouth ajar as he drooled.

@MaxTheWanted: Nighty-night you Irish minger, @SivaTheWanted.


At this, I replied.


@NathanTheWanted: @MaxTheWanted @SivaTheWanted, see ya on the other side mate.


Jay’s account just had a simple tweet.


@JayTheWanted: Emily Blunt = hot in Young Victoria. Will ya be my Queen ;) #FeelingCheeky


Then I checked Tom’s account.

His latest tweet made me wanna beat him to pulp.


@TomTheWanted: 30 minutes left in 2012. Wish I was spending them with @AllyKhrystN ;) #Tally?


“THOMAS ANTHONY PARKER!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.     
Tom jumped up and dropped the bottle of Jack he was drinking from.

The liquor within spilled out, making a dainty puddle on the Persian rug Max had gotten from a fan last year.

“Tom!” Max’s loud scream echoed within the apartment as he stared at the damaged rug.

“Sory mate,” Tom apologized. “But Nate’s at fault.”

“At fault?” I snapped. “At fault?”

Tom nodded and Max convinced turned around and glared at me.

“Focus that somewhere else George,” I said to Max. “Now Tom, what the flipping hell is this?” I added, yelling it at him as I shoved my iPhone screen at him, focusing on the tweet.

“Oh,” he smiled, “That there’s a tweet.”

“I know it’s a tweet, you sassy idiot,” I snapped. “But did you or did you not tweet this?”

“I did.”

“Then why did you tweet it?”

“Why can’t I?”

“You can’t tell her you like her, Parker. That’ll only complicate things further.”

“I like her Nathan,” he announced quite loudly. “That’s not a crime.”

“It’ll be a crime when I kill ya,” I threatened.

Tom instantly took a step back, hiding behind Max, who was watching the scene before him with curious, curious eyes.

“What do you have against me and Als being together?” Tom asked from behind Max.

“Not me Tom,” I admitted. “I don’t have anything against you and Als. Actually, I’d prefer you dating her than Liam.”


“But…” I paused. “Then thing is, she’s dating Liam and well, Aunt Sophia, she’s got a very specific type for Ally.”

“But Aunt Sophia likes me,” he exclaimed.

“Only because you threw the uncle card in there. Otherwise, you’re as good to her as a homeless man.”


“Tom, it’s a bad idea. Trust me,” I interceded.

“But N-”

“How ‘bout this?” Max interrupted. “Let’s jus agree to disagree. No talking about Ally ever.”

None of u said anything.

“Oi,” Max tried again. “Agreed?”

“Fine,” we bother murmured.

I scrolled through my account and stopped short when I saw the top Urn trend right now.


“PARKER!!!” I yelled again. 


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