#TargetGirl [Harry and Liam FanFic] [COMPLETED]

Ally Khrystn enjoys her job @ Target.
Getting into work late. Stacking albums...
But a 'Battle of the Bands' display is up @ Target between The Wanted and One Direction and the boys from 1D just can't help themselves, so they go and check out the sales.
Ally, unbeknowist to their plan tells a disguised Harry that he's a pervert.
Later on, Harry tweets about an elusive #TargetGirl which gets the media buzzing about who she is and if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are still together....
Liam, brokenhearted from Danielle, comes up with a plan to get her back...
But everything back fires as he falls for #TargetGirl
What does a girl do, when 2 of 1D are after her heart???
And to make matters more interesting she has a crush on her cousin... But then it's understandable when you find out who he is? A clue... He's British and also in a band. What will happen when another falls for the Wyatt heiress??
Read and find out
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@Harry_Styles: It’s great to know what you think of me #TargetGirl


@OneDirectionLover: @Harry_Styles, who the flack is #TargetGirl?


@iLoveStyles: Does anyone have an idea who #TargetGirl is?


@Rosaline_Styles: Wish I was #TargetGirl…. Aww


@taylorswift13: Who’s #TargetGirl, @Harry_Styles? </3



Source: Pop Time                            Mon, 26 Nov 2012.    11:23am

Is there trouble in paradise with Haylor? The superstars Harry Styles and Taylor Swift nicknamed Haylor after coming out about being together, seem to be undergoing trouble.

Harry, 18 of One Direction had seemed love struck with Taylor, 22 when they first got together. But rumours are circulating that the pair seem more distant now days than they did a week ago. To make matters worse, Harry tweeted yesterday about another girl…

@Harry_Styles: It’s great to know what you think of me #TargetGirl

Minutes later, the girl tagged as #TargetGirl was trending non stop around the world on the social networking site.

Has Harry moved on to the supposed Target Girl?

Or is this just another thing that has been misinterpreted by fans and the media?

One thing is on everyone’s mind. Who is Target girl?

And we are going to find out…



Source: The Talk                         Tues, 27 Nov, 2012 9:25am


According to Harry Styles, 18 of British/Irish boy band One Direction, Haylor isn’t in trouble of breaking up. The lad said, “No. Taylor and I are still together and I’m still smitten.”

After being asked about Target Girl and her identity, he chuckles and promptly mutters, “No comment,” then is herded away by security.

So what can we make of that?

Haylor isn’t in trouble of ending.

Taylor who tweeted:

@taylorswift13: Who’s #TargetGirl, @Harry_Styles? </3

She can very well relax. That broken heart at the end can stay well and truly intact now after Harry’s comment.

Fans of Haylor can now relax and sigh in relief.

Although the answer to whom this mysterious girl is, is still eluding us.

Taylor Swift, 22, was spotted having dinner with Harry and fellow band member Louis Tomlinson with girlfriend Eleanor Calder yesterday at LaJacques, very much cosying up to one another.

No trouble in paradise it seems.


Harry’s POV


The speakers blasted as ‘She’s Not Afraid’ came on.

 ♪ She sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah…

      Tight dress and a top cut low

       She’s addicted to the feeling of letting goooo

       Letting go ♪ I sing along to the music absentmindedly.

The sound of Niall munching on his third bag of nachos was echoing loud than the speakers.

“Hey Niall,” Zayn called out, trying to be heard over the noise, “D’you reckon you can munch on that any louder, mate?”

Niall just smirks at him, then bluntly chucks a nacho into his mouth and bites it like it’s made of rock just as a cushion hits him smack dead in the face.

“Malik,” he yelled, his face crunching up into a frown as the nachos hit the ground, “That’s how loud I always eat. Now get up and get me another bag.”

Louis, who was trying to concentrate on singing, pauses the music, turns around and glares at all of us.

“Oi,” he yells out in frustration, “Trying to sing over here.”

“Oh come on Lou,” Liam chastened as he enters the room in a pair of grey sweats and a black tee, “Are you really that obsessed with your voice?”

“It’s a gift thank you very much,” Louis defended, “And may I remind you that many girls love it.”

“Why do we even call Zayn vain?” I asked, “You’re much vainer Tommo.”

True to my prediction, Louis turns and glares at me.

“You’re supposed to be on my side, Haz,” he whined.

“Uh…guys, do we really have to have this argument now?” Niall interrupts as he enters the room again, a bag of nachos already in his hand.

“Fine,” Louis muttered as he plays the music again.

 ♪ She walks in and the room just lights up

   And she don’t want anyone to know

   That I’m the only one that gets to take her home-ome

    Take her home ♪ Louis sings and by the look on the lads’ faces they agreed with Louis initial verdict.

He does have an awesome voice.

But then again we all do and that’s why we’re so famous.


  v  v  v


After supper, we gather around in front of the telly, ready for some R&R.

Zayn surfs through the countless channels as Niall goes and grabs some snacks, which I wouldn’t be surprised that it would be nachos, drinks, popcorn and pizza.

None of the channels particularly appealed to us so we kept on checking.

“Hey, stop there,” Niall calls out as he enters the room, hand filled with snacks.

“What?” Zayn asks.

“Justin’s on,” he explained.

Zayn just gives up and goes back to E! Entertainment that was doing an expose on Justin and Selena’s break up.

“Justin and Selena are seen out and about lately,” the reporter reported.

They show a photo of the couple at the beach, Justin’s arm wrapped around Selena’s waist, smiling carefree.

“Woohoo,” Niall hoots, “That’s my man.”

“Uh…Nialler,” Louis intercedes, “I think he’s Selena’s man.”

Niall glared at Louis, “You know what I meant Tommo.”

“Sources states,” the reporter continues, “that a certain Swiftie is the reason behind the get together of Gomez and Bieber.”

 A photo of Swiftie at the Madison Square Garden fills the screen.

“Swift,” the reporter added, “who’s currently dating the ‘Little Things’ star Harry Styles is all smiles and grins as she faces the rumours hounding her at the moment.”

I knew exactly what was coming up.

“The rise in trending on Twitter could very well be because of Harry,” a photo of me at the VMA’s flashes on the screen, “who tweeted, and I quote, ‘It’s great to know what you think of me, hash tag target girl.’ Now everyone wants to know who this mysterious girl is. Styles is all hush hush about her identity but we all know, sooner or later, the truth comes out.”

At her last sentence, I grab the remote from Zayn’s hand and switch the telly off.

“Uh…dude,” Louis complained.

“I was watching that,” Niall protested, his mouth still full of nachos, “That was interesting.”

“D’you reckon I’m a perv?” I asked suddenly, staring at the blank telly.

“Uh… what?” Liam asked, resting his legs on the coffee table, surprised by my question.

“D’you reckon I’m a bloody perv?” I repeated.

 “Who told ya that?” Zayn asked.

“Am I a perv or not?”

“Oh come on mate,” Zayn muttered, throwing a cushion at me. This was something he liked to do, “We’re teenage boys. Of course we’re pervs.”

The other lads laugh out loudly at his comment.

“But I’m more of a pervert than you guys,” I stated under my breath.

“Let’s just say,” Liam began, “you don’t hide it when you like someone,” his tone had changed to a fatherly one.

“So then I am a pervert,” I sighed out.

“Where is this even coming from?” Louis asked as he grabbed the latest issue of ‘Daily Pop’.

In the front was a picture of me at Target on Sunday. The headline read: WHO IS TARGET GIRL?

Louis looked over and caught my eyes glued onto the cover of the magazine.

“Oh,” he muttered, understanding dawned on him, “I get it,” his eyes gleamed wickedly, “It’s that girl.”

“What girl?” Zayn asked, eyes darting form Louis to me then back to Louis.

“Taylor?” Niall echoed then bit into a slice of pepperoni pizza.

“Oi,” Liam exclaimed, “Did we miss something?”

“It’s her,” Louis stated as he lifted up the magazine and showed them the cover.

“Oh,” Liam said, “Target Girl.”

“The girl everyone’s talking about?” Zayn asked as Niall got up and threw the empty bag of nachos at him, heading for the kitchen again.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded.

“Are you like hooked on her, mate? Because seriously Taylor’s like an  awesome girl and you shouldn’t break her heart.”

“Yeah,” Liam agreed, “Besides if you do, she’ll write a song about you and it’ll be the new hit.”

“Yeah,” Zayn said, “I was thinking the same thing. What do you think it’ll be called?”

“The ‘Curly Haired Bastard’?” Louis offered.

“How ‘bout ‘British Scum’?” Zayn guessed.

“Oh. Oh…” Niall said as he entered the room, a glass of coke in hand, “What ‘bout ‘I Never Liked your Curls’?”

Everyone but me laughed at that.

“Guys seriously?” I muttered staring at my hands, “And no I don’t fancy her Zayn. She’s just…uh…nobody.”

“Good,” Zayn muttered, smiling at me. He always had a soft spot for blondes.

“Well,” I started, “she’s a nobody that thinks I’m a perv anyway.”

I forced a smile, like her calling me a pervert didn’t get to me at all.

“You know what you should do?” Liam asked.

 I stared at him  blankly, waiting. So he continued, “You should go and set things right. Stand up for yourself.”

“I should?” I asked, unsure.

“Yeah,” Niall nodded, “ Liam’s right. You should set things right.”

“No one should ever,” Liam continued like Niall hadn’t said anything, “push any of my mates around. Heck, we’re One Direction and no one calls any of us a pervert, even though we are.”

“Okay,” I muttered, nodding, “I will.”


@Harry_Styles: @Real_Liam__Payne…thnx for the #peptalk mate xD  


@Real_Liam__Payne: My peptalk=amazayn. @ Harry_Styles, show #TargetGirl who the real boss is.


Ally’s POV


“Hey Jessy,” I said to the girl standing behind the first cashier.

With her blonde curls and deep brown eyes, she was the closest friend other than Mike I had at Target.

“Hey babe,” she greeted as she scanned the batteries an old woman was buying, “Late again?”

I nodded guiltily, “Mom was on a warpath because Roberto forgot to get her Chanel suit dry-cleaned.”

“Oh,” she whined, “the woes of the rich and famous.”

I laughed at her comment. She was always saying something like that.

“Hey we’re still on for movie night on the 8th?”

She nodded, making her curls bounce just as the intercom sounded and Mike’s voice announced, “Ally. You’re needed urgently at the entertainment sec.”

I sighed as I looked at my watch. 9:25.

I was already 40 minutes late and now Mike was going to be running around like a mad bull, yelling at me non-stop.

“Crunch time,” I cried out in defeat as I bid goodbye to Jessy and headed for my doom.


  v  v  v


“Mike,” I called out, spotting him and his golden dreadlocks behind a counter, skimming through his files, “I’m really, really, really sorry about being late again.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” Mike said in an amazingly calm tone, smiling at me like I’d just given him my Ferrari as his birthday present.

“It’s okay?” I asked him perplexed, “You hardly say ‘it’s okay’ until after you give me a good lecture on punctuality.”

He nodded, “But not today.”

“Why not?” I asked, checking to see if Mike was really Mike and not a clone that aliens left behind.

“Hey babe,” a voice from behind me interrupted before Mike could answer.

I knew one thing as I turned around. The guy had a British accent so he was British.

My eyes widened.

There stood Harry wearing back skinny jeans, one of his trademark white v-necked tees and a green beanie.

Was he here for revenge since I basically in his face called him a perv?

“So you’re Target Girl?” another voice asked, as a blonde wearing a snapback, green jacket over a red tee and grey sweats appeared form behind the ‘Battle of the Bands’ display.

I instantly recognized him as Niall Horan.

He was even more adorable up close.

“Uh…sorry,” I muttered, confused, “Target Girl?”

“You haven’t been on Twitter then, have you, love?” another voice said as he merged from where Niall had seconds ago.

Wearing a blue v-necked tee and red jeans with a black beanie, Louis Tomlinson stood there, staring at me and expecting an answer.

My first reaction was, What the heck is up with Louis and Harry and wearing  beanies?

Then finally I shook my head and managed to say, “Uh…no,” shaking my head, “Now Zayn and Liam had better not be emerging with another question.”

After all, a girl could only take so much.

Laughter echoed as two boys walked over, an amused expression on both their faces.

“Hey,” Zayn said, stopping next to Harry and looking so ridiculously good looking in his ripped jeans and a black ‘Panic at the Disco’ concert tee. His hair styled in its usual quift.

I just stared at him with an open mouthed expression, mesmerised by his beauty.

Damn he was hotter than in the magazines.

“Do we have to chase Zayn away, love?” an amused British accented voice asked.

Liam stood next to Louis, smiling at me, clearly amused at my fan-girling moment.

“Hey,” he said coolly as I watched him.

Liam was freaking, jaw dropping hot.

He was wearing a plain blue tee that showed his muscles perfectly. He had on a faded blue jeans and white sneakers.

“Uh…hey,” I finally muttered.

“Oh right. Forgot,” Harry confessed, “She’s a huge fane Payne. Of you beautiful voice, I think.”

I glared at him. He was using my own words against me and embarrassing me.

“Great,” Liam said, smiling at me as he held out his hand, “Liam.”

Duh? I already know that. How could someone forget a face like yours?

Cautiously I shook his hand, “I’m…uh…Ally,” I stammered.

His fingers were warm, firm and strong.

“So…uh,” I muttered awkwardly, thinking of what to do now, “Nice…to uh…meet you guys.”

Damn, I was stuttering like an idiot. Calm down Ally…You can do this. Just grin and bear it. They’re just a bunch of boys. Hot boys plus a pervert. I glared at Harry, hoping my internal monologue wasn’t…well…not internal.

I started inching away slowly.

“Oi,” Harry shouted, “Not so fast,” his fingers intertwined over my arm.

“Huh?” I muttered, staring at his hands on my arm which he then lets go, “Oh. Let me guess. You wanna scream at me?”

“Uh…” he stared at me dumbstruck.

“That’s why you brought your entire band with you, right? To intimidate me?”


“Well say something.”

“It’s not that love,” Louis interrupted, eyeing me apologetically, before I yanked at curly boy, “Harry just wanted to say…”

“Say what?” I asked.

“Sorry,” Harry answered.

“For what?”

“For well…tricking you into believing I wasn’t who I was.”

“Oh,” I muttered, “its okay.”

“So what’s your story?” Niall asked suddenly.

“My what?” I asked the Irish, staring at him confused.

“Your  life story,” he replied.

“Oh,” I mumbled, “Well, I’m just an average day American teen working at Target.”

“Then what was up with your  comment about buying the Queen’s crown?” Harry pestered.

If only he could just shut the  heck up. I mean, he had an extraordinarily beautiful voice, yeah, but the guy could really decipher your conversations and attack you with things that you wished he didn’t remember. I didn’t want him to know who I was. My life, my likes, my dislikes and my nightmares wasn’t suppose to be on his radar.

“Nothing,” I muttered hastily. Too hastily that Liam, who was watching our exchange, arched his perfect brow and looked at me with an expression that said, ‘I don’t believe you.’

So I added, “You know juts American humour.”

I heard someone cough loudly.

Turning around I say Mike shaking his head vigorously. I narrowed my eyes at him and mouthed, “Shut it.”

“You alright, mate?” Zayn asked.

“Yeah,” Mike nodded.

“Anyways,” I said in a loud voice worthy of Louis, as I tried to get their attention away from Mike who’d just spill the beans, “Nice to meet you,” I turned to leave.

“Hey,” Harry said, as his hands grabbed my wrist again, “We’re not done yet.”

“Seriously dude,” I said through gritted teeth, “You gotta stop doing that.”

He was stunned at my reaction. After all, millions maybe even billions of girls would kill to have Harry Styles hold their wrist.

“Or what?” he dared me, as I narrowed my eyes at him. I don’t like it when someone told me what to do.

“Or,” I said, “you’ll be singing from a jail cell tonight, pretty boy. Now let go.”

He released his grip and stared at me.

“I just want to set something straight,” he said as if he was reading from a script, “I’m not a pervert.”

I burst out laughing, then stopped when I saw his green eyes narrowing.

“Oh,” I muttered as I composed myself, “ You weren’t kidding.”

“Yeah,” he said dryly.

“Well, then, good for you Mr. Styles.”

He smirked at me triumphantly, like I just said that he’d won a Grammy award, “So?” he prodded.


“Are you going to apologize for calling me a pervert?”

“Uh…” I paused, “No.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because Every person is entitled to their own opinions and besides, that was taken completely out of context.”

I stared at him defiantly.

Harry removes his beanie, and runs his fingers through his curls.

“She’s got you there, mate,” Liam said, looking at me impressed.

“Hey, you’re supposed to be on my side,” Harry cried out.

“But she’s right.”

“Well, you were the one all ‘you have to defend yourself Haz’. What now?”

“Haz,” Liam said, “It’s not my fault that she’s got a brain and uses it to defend herself.”

“Thank you Mr. Payne,” I thanked, staring at him.

He really was bloody hot.

“You’re very welcome, Ms. Ally.”

I blushed at his words.

“Will you two stop flirting already,” Niall interrupted.

I blushed even more. Was Liam really flirting with me?

“Thank you,” I muttered, “Now I really need to get back to work.”

“Now wait just a minute,” Harry started.

I needed to get out of here. Harry seemed like the type of guy that wouldn’t let me leave until he got an apology that I wasn’t willing to give.

I spotted a blonde walking towards us with her group of friends. Their arms were full with One Direction merchandise.

“OH MY GOSH!” I yelled out at the top of my lungs. Everyone looked at me warily. For a second I saw realisation and understanding of what I was about to do dawn on Harry and the others, “IT’S ONE DIRECTION!!!” I added, making sure that they all heard me.

“Where?” the blonde asked me pointedly as if her life depended on her finding One Direction, “Where are they?” she repeated.

“HERE!” I said as I pointed at the boys.

There was a loud, distinct shriek as the girls started running towards us.

While they were still a hundred feet away, I turned to the boys, whose expressions were a cross between being impressed by my quick thinking and terrified for their lives.

“Well nice to meet you all,” I said, moving away from them, fearing being trembled on by fans, “Oh and good luck,” I added.

“Bloody brilliant,” Zayn commented, eyes locked onto the ensuing mob.

 “You ingenious girl,” Harry shouted at me.

I turned and sent Harry a wink.

“I’ll get you back for this Ally,” he yelled right before him and his band mates were buried with girls.


Harry’s POV:

“Oh my gosh,” a brunette yelled as I signed her shirt, “You’re Harry Styles.”

I laughed, amused as I winked at her, “That I am.”

“I just love your curls.”

“Thank you. I love them too.”

“Well bye,” she said as other fans pushed her out of the way.

The signing continued for another thirty minutes and at the end of it, I was bloody exhausted.

“Get back with Danielle please,” a blonde begged Liam.

He let out a laugh but I knew it was forced.

“Uh…that’s up to her babe,” Liam said as he signed her album.

“I’m Team Payzer,” she yelled out.

“Uh…thanks,” I could tell that Liam was definitely uncomfortable with the situation. I mean, the guy was really head over heels in love with Danni.

“Hey love,” I said to the blonde.

She stared at me, stumped.

“Do you have anything for me to autograph?” I asked her, when it became apparent she wasn’t gonna say anything.

She handed me her album wordlessly, gawking as I signed it.

“Thanks,” she muttered as I handed it back and turned, walking off.

“Sure thing love.”

“Li?” I said to my mate who was off in a different place, “You okay mate?”

He just nodded and walked away.

“There they are,” a familiar voice called out.

I wasn’t surprised to see Danny Jones, a reporter, walking towards us, followed by a photographer.

Just what we needed. Tabloids…

“Hey Danny,” I greeted him, as I forced a smile.

“Harry, my man,” he said in his usual greeting, “So tell me, what are you doing here at Target?”

“Just buying stuff,” I said as I grabbed a sweatshirt with the American flag embedded in front.

“Oh. Okay,” he muttered, “Anything else?”

“Nah, not really,” I said, “Oh yeah and I came to check out the ‘Battle of the Bands’ display.”

“So it doesn’t have anything to do with a certain…I don’t know….Target Girl?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you came here to check her out again,” Danny replied, smirking deviously.

“Nah, just came for the stuff,” I said firmly, flashing him my famous smile, just as the photographer took some pictures.

“Stop it James,” Danny snapped at the photographer, “Not now. Take the photos when I’m done talking to Mr. Styles.”

“Sorry Mr. Jones,” James said.

“So Harry,” Danny started, “How’s Taylor?”

“Good…Good,” I said, “Taking her out to see the show at MSG tonight.”

“So you’re still together then?”

I nodded.

“Nothing going on with Target Girl then?”

I shook my head.

“Well, then nice to meet you Styles,” Danny said as he moved on to interview Zayn about Perrie.

“So Haz,” Louis started as he came over, “That Ally really is something else, eh?”

I nodded.

“She has a mind of her own.”

I nodded.

“Niall’s got bruises from fans grabbing at him.”

“We signed up for it mate,” I said.

“Yeah but we need to get her back,” he said deviously, “For Niall’s sake.”

I nodded.

“Let’s go get her twitter name. I think that Mike fella will help us.”

I nodded, “And that Louis, is why you’re my mate.”



@Harry_Styles: @AllyKhrystN. What’s up #TargetGirl?


@NiallOfficial: Caught ya @AllyKhrystN


@Louis_Tomlinson: Hey Love @ AllyKhrystN


@zaynmalik: @AllyKhrystN, you’re my idol #TargetGirl


@Real_Liam_Payne: Ingenious plan love. But now we’re out for blood.                                             @AllyKhrystN


@Harry_Styles followed @AllyKhrystN


@NiallOfficial followed @AllyKhrystN


@Louis_Tomlinson followed @AllyKhrystN


@zaynmalik followed @AllyKhrystN


@Real_Liam_Payne followed @AllyKhrystN



Source: Pop Time                                Thurs, 29 Nov, 2012 1:03pm


Following the tweet by Harry Styles,18, of British/Irish boy band One Direction on Sunday, the question on everyone’s mind was, ‘Who is Target Girl?’

The ‘Live While We’re Young’ star whose band rose to fame following their career on UK show ‘X Factor’, was caught yesterday with fellow band members at Target.

The reporter on the scene, Danny Jones had received the tip after a huge fan riot occurred at the outlet.

“I’m sure that they were there to meet Target Girl,” Danny says as he exits the scene.

“Harry, of course, is well known for valuing his privacy, and he didn’t disappoint,” Danny adds, “He kept saying that he was there to buy stuff.”

Then later in the day, Harry and fellow band members reveal the identity of the elusive Target Girl themselves.

Thanks boys.

Target Girls, is none other than socialite Alisha Khrystn Sophia Wyatt, daughter of multibillionaire tycoon Douglas Wyatt of the Wyatt Industries.

After the tweets from the boys promising pranks of some kind, there was a huge following spree to @AllyKhrystn, who sources confirm doesn’t like to use her last name.

Is there going to be some major drama between Haylor and Hally?

Time will only tell…


Harry’s POV

I shut PopTime magazine then stared at my lunch.

Alisha Khrystn Sophia Wyatt, eh?

“So you’ve read Pop Time then?” Liam asked as he walks into the dining room and sees the magazine on the table.

I nodded and handed the magazine to him.

“Nah mate,” he said, “Already read it.”

“Let me read it,” Niall demanded as he enters the room in a red polo shirt and sweats. Zayn right behind him.

“Hey, I wanna read it too,” Zayn complained.

“Well, I said it first, genius,” Niall argued.

“Hey nutters,” Liam yelled, “You can both read it together.”

They grinned, like the thought hadn’t even crossed their minds. Liam, the guy you went to for solutions in the band.

They both sit down at the couch and start skimming through the mag.

“Oh my goodness,” Niall exclaimed after five minutes.

“Wonkers,” Zayn echoed his surprise.

“What?” I asked, wondering if I had forgotten to read something.

“She’s the daughter of Douglas Wyatt?” Niall asked, staring at the mag like he couldn’t believe it.

“Well it says so there doesn’t it?” Liam asked.

“Yeah, but I can’t believe it.”

“Well believe it genius,” I scoffed, “it’s right there.”

“But…she’s the daughter of Douglas Wyatt…”

“We’ve been through this Nialler,” I stated, “Yes she is. So?”

“Are you for real mate?” Zayn asked.

I eyed him clueless.

“You don’t just come to the US and not know who Douglass Wyatt is,” he continued, looking at me like I had said that I didn’t know who Prince William was.

“Well, I don’t.”

“Go on then,” Louis said as enters the room, Eleanor in tow, “Who’s this Douglas Wyatt?”

“Hey El,” we all murmurs our greetings.

“So who is he?” Louis repeated.

“He’s the fifth influential person in the world,” Niall replied.

“What?” Liam asked. That could only interest Liam.

“And?” I prompted.

“We’re like the eighteenth.”


“And in Times magazines he’s named as the fourth richest man in the world.”

The magnitude of who he was and is finally dawned on me.

“Oh-Kay,” I muttered, “So that’s what she meant about buying the Queen’s crown.”

Niall and Zayn both nodded their heads in perfect synchronization.

“Then why is she bloody working at Target if she’s that rich?” Liam asked everyone in general.

“Don’t know,” Niall muttered.

“Maybe,” Eleanor volunteered, “Maybe she doesn’t want to be judged on her family name. Maybe she wants to make a name for herself.”

Louis gave her a peck on the cheek, “That’s brilLiam babe.”

“Maybe,” Zayn agreed as he eyed the picture of Ally in the magazine.

She was wearing a white Louis Vutton dress valued at $6510 at what appeared to bea Hampton’s new year party for this year.

“So you’re telling me,” Niall said, “That I got this bruises on my arm,” he shows us his arm, “from the fan thing yesterday because she wants her own life?”

“We were kinda hounding on her time mate,” Zayn said.

“Fine,” Niall muttered in frustration, “But she has to pay for it.”

“Prank time?” Louis asked sounding hopeful.

“Prank time,” I agreed, smiling as Louis, Niall and I exchange devious smiles.


Ally’s POV


I placed the Pop Time magazine on the counter, slowly, knowing that mom was on full glare mode.

“Do you see what you’ve done to the family name,” she yelled at me as I refused to meet her eye.

Her voice was so loud that I had to cover it in order to prevent any permanent damaging of my cochlea.

“Uh…no,” I muttered.

“Look at me Alisha,” she snapped.

“I’ve told not to call me that,” I argued, “My name’s Ally.”

“And I’ve told you on numerous occasions to look at me when I’m talking to you. No look at me.”

I looked at her as she asked. Her chocolate brown eyes were narrowed at me, I shivered aas a chill ran through my body.

“Ally Khrystn Sophia Wyatt,” she said, her accent becoming more evident with each word.

I pushed away the need to correct her about my name. I was already in deep shit and I didn’t need to add to it.

“You,” she paused, “You, young lady have tarnished our reputation.”

“Reputation?” I muttered, staring at her, “Is that all you care about?” I asked against my better judgement.

She continued as if I hadn’t said a single word, “I have been embarrassed by your attitude of late more than I did when you wore that skimpy black outfit to meet the President.”

“Embarrassed?” I scuffed out, as my dislike for my mother increased ten fold.

She nodded.

“Why?” I asked her, “ I’ve been an obedient daughter.”

“Obedient?” she scoffed as if the idea of me being obedient was like Santa being real.


“An obedient daughter doesn’t back out of an agreement.”

“What agreement?”

“You were supposed to keep your,” she paused thinking of what to call my job at Target, “Your…hobby out of the tabloids, Ally. But somehow you found a way to get onto every headlines for today.”

“It’s just a couple of headlines,” I defended.

“Maybe,” she paused, eyeing me, “but these headlines, few as they may be, have painted you in a rather distasteful light.”

“Distasteful light?” I asked, stunned at her vocabulary.

I resisted the urge to shout at her, ‘What century are you from?’

After all my mother was always full of surprises and a wide range of vocabs.

“Yes. They repeatedly paint you as a scarlet woman.”

Again with the vocab. My mom was a modern day version of Jane Austen, with their words.

“I disguised my laughter by coughing, “Scarlet woman?”


“What is that exactly?”

“A….slut,” she gritted her teeth as if saying the word made her impure somehow, “a home wrecker as Americans say.”

“You British with you language,” I couldn’t help  but say.

“You’re British, need I remind you Alisha,” she snapped.

“Only half mother.”

It disgusted me when she said that like Americans were disgusting.

“Shut it Ally,” she growled, “I’m fairly disappointed at you.”

“An that’s a surprise how?” I muttered under my breath but she heard me.

After narrowing her eyes, she turns and stalks off, yelling at the top of her lungs for Roberto, “Roberto, get me some vodka.”


  v  v  v


I just stared st the screen of iPhone again as the homepage for Twitter finally loaded.

This can’t be right! This can’t be freaking right, right?

I remember distinctively that I had 3680 followers last week, so how the heck had it increased in the span of one week by 26170?

I reloaded Twitter again. The number 29850 stared back at me, as it had a minute ago.

Finanlly, thinking that there was a glitch on the site, I continued onto my page.

I nearly screamed out in horror. Or was it surprise? I didn’t know.

There satring back at me were five recent tweets:


@Real_Liam_Payne: Ingenious plan love. But now we’re out for blood.                                             @AllyKhrystN


@zaynmalik: @AllyKhrystN, you’re my idol #TargetGirl


@Louis_Tomlinson: Hey Love @ AllyKhrystN


@NiallOfficial: Caught ya @AllyKhrystN


@Harry_Styles: @AllyKhrystN. What’s up #TargetGirl?


Did one direction just tweet me? Let me rephrase that. DID ALL OF ONE DIRECTION JUST TWEET ME???

After minutes of getting it into my brain that the screen was correct and that no glitch was found, I continued down.


@onedirectionlover: Hey #TargetGirl!!! @AllyKhrystN


@Directioner: So you’re #TargetGirl!!! @AllyKhrystN


There were loads of tweets that said about the same thing. But then some were really weird and hurtful.


@onedirectionismine: @AllyKhrystN…hey.[censored]…why r u doing this to taylor??? Leave harry alone!!!


@TakeMeHomeQueen: @AllyKhrystN… LEAVE HARRY ALONE…[censored] [censored] [censored] HE'S MINE [MAJOR CENSORED]


One by one, I checked the boys profiles and sure enough they were all following me.

It didn’t take long for me to be whipped about the events of the last few days, and collapse on my bed.

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