#TargetGirl [Harry and Liam FanFic] [COMPLETED]

Ally Khrystn enjoys her job @ Target.
Getting into work late. Stacking albums...
But a 'Battle of the Bands' display is up @ Target between The Wanted and One Direction and the boys from 1D just can't help themselves, so they go and check out the sales.
Ally, unbeknowist to their plan tells a disguised Harry that he's a pervert.
Later on, Harry tweets about an elusive #TargetGirl which gets the media buzzing about who she is and if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are still together....
Liam, brokenhearted from Danielle, comes up with a plan to get her back...
But everything back fires as he falls for #TargetGirl
What does a girl do, when 2 of 1D are after her heart???
And to make matters more interesting she has a crush on her cousin... But then it's understandable when you find out who he is? A clue... He's British and also in a band. What will happen when another falls for the Wyatt heiress??
Read and find out
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19. #OffendedByBandMates


Harry’s POV


OK! I admit it.

As soon as we landed back on home soil, I could only think of one thing.

Okay, more like one girl…

I can’t get Ally out of my head.

I don’t know since when this had started, but well, it’s happening now.

All I know is, when I first met her, I didn’t feel this way about her.

I mean, come on, the girl was criticizing me before she even knew me.

Truth be told, I had even wanted to slap her, but my better half, the gentlemanly hale had stopped me.

And, a true gentleman doesn't hit women.

Of course, now thinking back to that day, I’m glad I didn't slap her. Because then, she’d hate me even more.

Last time we’d met, when she was over to watch a movie, I’d really seen the real her.

She treated me and the lads like we weren't some internally famous band. She treated us like normal people, which was great.

And not to add, she still looked fit with bed hair.

But, still there was something wrong.

I was dating Taylor and I think I might even love her.

I mean, my heart rate increases whenever I hear and see her. I can’t wait to see her and run my fingers through her blonde locks. I could be lost in her beautiful blue eyes. I heat up at the very thought of her.

If that ain’t love, then what is?

But what do I feel for Ally?

“Hey mate,” Zayn called out, throwing a cushion at me as I came out of my thoughts.

“Oi Malik,” I yelled as I threw a cushion back at him, messing up his perfectly styled quaff.

“Not the hair Haz,” he complained, “Not the hair.”

“Then don’t test me,” I said as he left in search for a mirror.

“Did you really have to mess Zayn up like that?” Liam asked, his face buried in ‘The Goblet of Fire’.

He’d been reading that thing for a week now and when we’d asked him why he was reading it, when you can just watch the movie, he’d frown  and say, “It’s perfectly written and more dramatic.”

“He did it first,” I defended.

“I don’t care who started it,” Liam snapped, “I just don’t want y’all to be arguing.”

“Yeah whatever, Papa Smurf,” I muttered as Niall entered the room with his fourth bag of nachos.

We’d tried to interfere and stop his addiction but then there had been harsh consequences.

Louis had learnt the hard way of that, when Niall had bitten his hand when he tried to grab it. Niall had bitten it so hard, it had actually bled.

Then, he laughed as he muttered, “You actually taste great, Lou.”

At this, the lads and I moved back cautiously before he bit one of us next.

That afternoon, Niall had tweeted:


@NiallOfficial: @Louis_Tomlinson, you’re so tasty mate… Wonder what the rest of the lads taste like… <hungry>


Our next plan, which was to stop buying snacks was another major fail.

Niall had torn apart our apartment until Zayn had run off to buy a year stock of nachos, which unsurprisingly Niall had finished within a week.

Now, everyone knew not to approach Niall on the meter of him and his nacho addiction.

“Hey lads,” Niall greeted, then stuffed a handful of nachos into his mouth.

We nodded in greeting.

Just then Liam’s phone buzzed and he answered it.

“Hey you,” he exclaimed into the phone, then laughed.

“Who is it?” I asked, unable to bite back my curiosity.

He just waved me off as he continued laughing at whatever the other person was saying.

“Yes….” he placed his leg on the coffee table, “Oh really?”

Liam’s tone was one of pure flirtation.

“Liam?” I tried again.

“Oh-Kay then,” he continued, ignoring me, “Yes… I’ll let the lads know.”

What were they talking about?

“Uh-huh,” Liam nodded, “Yes, we’ll be delighted.”

Another chuckle escaped Liam.

“Yes… Meet you at Nandos at 2 for a late lunch?” Liam asked into the phone, “Okay. See you there babe.”

I was getting impatient, yes, but as I thought about it, I didn’t have the right to question Li about his call.

I mean, it was a personal one…

But then again, he had said, that he’d let us know.

Finally he hung up.

“So who was that Li?” I asked him.

“Uh…” he paused, “A friend.”

“What’s the friends’ name?”

“Ally of course.”

“What?” I yelled, losing my cool, “Why didn’t you tell me that before? Why didn’t you let me speak to her?”

“Uh… because she called me. Therefore, she wanted to talk to me,” Liam replied, looking at me like I’d lost my mind.

“Why did she call you?”

“Uh… maybe because I was the only one that gave her my number.”

Oh, right I didn’t give her my number.

“Oh right.”

“Wait… do you like fancy her now Haz?” he asked.

“What? No… No I don’t.” Jeez stop blabbering Harry. Stop it… “I just don’t like to be left out of the loop,” I lied.

That goodness Lou wasn’t here or he’d figure out I was lying within a second. I’m totally convinced that he’s my unknown brother or something, by the way he could read me.

“So why did she call?” I asked instantly before he could read into my lie too much.

“Oh right,” he started, “Hold on, yeah? Louis, Niall, Zayn. Come here for a sec,” he called out.

Seconds later, Niall emerged from the kitchen with a glass of coke.

“What’s up Li?” he asked as he plopped down next to me on the sofa.

“Wait,” Liam muttered as we heard steps coming down the stairs.

Then Zayn came followed by Louis.

“Vas happening lads,” Zayn yelled.

His quaff was again perfectly styled, and there was no evidence of the damage that I’d inflicted minutes ago.

“Hey Niall, you hungry?” Liam asked the blonde, who then jumped up in utter delight as he nodded furiously.

“Fine,” Liam muttered, “Wanna go out for Nandos lads?”

Louis and Zayn nodded.

“Why the sudden interest in Nandos mate?” Louis asked.

“Well, remember when Niall volunteered us for a tour guide gig?”

“Nah, not really.”

“Oh seriously Lou, have you forgotten? We’re supposed to show Ally around the city…”
”Oh right,” he exclaimed, “I’m up for that.”

“When do we have to meet Ally?” Zayn asked.

“At 2,” Liam replied.

“Okay,” Zayn checked his watch, “So it’s 12:24 now… I have time to fix up my hair again and change…”

“Uh… considering that it takes you 2 hours to fix your hair,” Niall said,
I don’t think so mate.”

“I do not take 2 hours to fix my hair,” Zayn defended.

“Uh… yea, you do Malik,” I argued.

“No I don’t.”

“You do bro,” Louis added.

“Whatever,” Zayn said, then turned and headed back up to stare at himself in the full body mirror in his room.


@zaynmalik: I doesn’t take me 2 hours to fix my hair…. Just putting it out there...    #OffendedByBandMates



@NiallOfficial: Yay! #NandosTime XD


@Louis_Tomlinson: Time to tour London… Hope you’re ready @AllyKhrystN


@AllyKhrystN: I was born ready @Louis_Tomlinson


@Louis_Tomlinson: Clichéd much @AllyKhrystN


@AllyKhrystN: Clichéd but effective @Louis_Tomlinson.




Ally’s POV


“Uh… thanks Nathan,” I said as Nathan placed a plate of you typical English breakfast in front of me.

He smiled at me then sat down on his chair and started digging into his breakfast.

“Is Tom still sleeping?” I asked.

Nathan nodded then bit into some waffles.

After a minute, he yelled out, “PARKER, GET YOUR ARSE DOWN HERE, IF YOU WANT SOME BREAKY!!!”

Tom had been staying for the past week and we’re getting along pretty well.

Tom seemed to be the friendliest of the bunch.There were some creaks form the floor board upstairs , then followed by footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Uh… hey Tom,” I greeted, then turned around only to be shocked.

I widened my eyes at seeing Tom standing there wearing only a pair of British boxers and no shirt.

He just ran a hand through his bed hair and smiled, acting like he wore boxers in front of girls all the time.

Nathan hadn’t noticed Tom as he continued chewing on a bacon strip, playing with his phone.

“Morning Ally… Nate,” tom said in the husky deep voice that made many fans scream with insanity.

“Uh… hey Tom,” Nathan muttered, looking up from his phone, then turned around.

He looked at Tom, like he’d pop a blood vessel any second, “PARKER!” he yelled, “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING???”

Tom smirked at Nathan innocently.

“Just getting some breakfast Nate,” he replied.

“Oh no, you don’t. Not in that… Now go put on a shirt and some sweats,” Nathan got up and literally dragged Tom off to get changed.

I laughed at them. The younger guy was acting responsible, whereas the older counterpart was acting… well… irresponsibly.

I was really starting to enjoy myself with them. They knew how to have a laugh and just relax…

Minutes later, they came back down. Tom was wearing a striped black and blue tee with grey sweats.

We had a laugh as they talked about their recent concert in California which coincidentally I had attended.

My phone chimed.

I checked and saw a text from Liam


Hey Ally… Lads and I arrived last night.

Still up for tour around London?



So I called him and agreed on meeting at Nandos for lunch at 2.

“Uh… hey Nate,” I called out as they sat down on the couch and started watching ‘Total Recall’.

“Yeah Als?” he asked, using the nickname he’d given me.

“I’m going out for lunch, ‘Kay?”

“Uh… sure. With who?”

“Just some friends.”

“Okay. I’ll check up on you. ‘Kay?”

“Yea… sure.”





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