#TargetGirl [Harry and Liam FanFic] [COMPLETED]

Ally Khrystn enjoys her job @ Target.
Getting into work late. Stacking albums...
But a 'Battle of the Bands' display is up @ Target between The Wanted and One Direction and the boys from 1D just can't help themselves, so they go and check out the sales.
Ally, unbeknowist to their plan tells a disguised Harry that he's a pervert.
Later on, Harry tweets about an elusive #TargetGirl which gets the media buzzing about who she is and if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are still together....
Liam, brokenhearted from Danielle, comes up with a plan to get her back...
But everything back fires as he falls for #TargetGirl
What does a girl do, when 2 of 1D are after her heart???
And to make matters more interesting she has a crush on her cousin... But then it's understandable when you find out who he is? A clue... He's British and also in a band. What will happen when another falls for the Wyatt heiress??
Read and find out
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44. It's Just A Game, right?


Ally’s POV


“Finally, it’s finished,” Niall exclaimed   as he finally jumped up onto his feet and rushed into the kitchen as the credits for Toy Story 3 rolled by.

Liam had practically ordered everyone to sit down and watch the movie.

“What now?” Harry asked as he stretched his arms then ruffled his luscious brown curls.

“TRUTH OR DARE!” Louis yelled as he jumped to his feet for dramatic effect.

Immediately he got hit by a stream of cushions thrown by everyone in the room except me.

“Oi. What did I do?” he asked as held up his left up to block the ensuing cushions, he glared at everyone.

“No Truth or Dare Lou,” Zayn said.

“Fine,” Louis pouted then sat back on the couch. “Any ideas?”

Everyone stopped and thought of a game.

“Would you rather?” Harry volunteered.

“No!” everyone complained.

“Why not Truth or Dare?” Lou protested.

“You play dirty,” Liam said.

“I won’t this time,” Louis promised.

“That’s what you said last time,” Niall reminded.


“No chance Lou,” Zayn denied.

“I’ve got an idea,” I announced.

Everyone turned to me.

“What is it babe?” Liam asked.

“It’s a game I used to play with a friend,” I started. “I don’t know if you’ll like it though.”

“Tell us,” Eleanor insisted.

“It’s called M.A.S.H,” I answered.

“Oh, I know that one,” Eleanor exclaimed. “Nice choice Als. The lads don’t know it yet.”

“What type of game is it?” Liam asked.

“It’s like… a prediction thingy.”

“Oh,” Zayn said. “Like with the palm reading and all.”

El and I broke into laughter.

“No silly,” I mocked. “No voodoo boodoo here.”

“I’m positive it’s not as good as Truth or Dare,” Lou whined as he crossed his arms and stared at the ground.

“LOU!” we all shouted.

“Enough with T.O.D already mate,” Niall said, as he entered the room again with his hands filled with snacks.

“So Ally,” Harry said. “Tell us about M.A.S.H.”

“Well M.A.S.H stands for Mansion Apartment Shack and House,” I began, “We pick someone to start with and everyone volunteers a category and … uh… you’ll get it soon enough.”

“You guys game?” El asked.

They all agreed, although it took some prompting and a smack on the head from Liam for Louis to agree.

“We’ll play T.O.D after this Lou,” I offered. “I promise.”

He smiled.

“Okay,” I began, “who wants to start?”

“I’ll go,” El volunteered.

“Okay so… The categories are usually people you’ll marry, cities you’ll live in, cars you’ll drive, honeymoon spots and pets, okay? You guys understand?”

They all nodded.

“Now, I’ll ask one of yous to give me five of each category, okay?”

Again they all nodded.

“So, I’ll start with you Lou,” I turned to the now smiling British boy. “Give me five names for her to marry.”

“Ermm….” He took a second to think it over. “Me, Myself, Tommo, Lou and uh… Louis,” as he said each word he raised a finger.

“Louis that’s not how you play,” I reprimanded.

“But she’s mine,” he complained.

“I know but this is just a game Lou.”

“But--,” he’s cut off by El crushing her lips against his.

Pulling back, she smiled as she said, “I’ll always be yours Lou. Now play the blasted game.”

Louis just nodded with a smug smile on his now glowing face.

“Now, let’s start again,” I began, “Liam give me five guys’ name.”

“Oi,” Louis complained. “That was mine.”

“Just hold on Lou,” I begged as I turned back to Liam. “Liam?”

“Okay,” Liam said, “I’ll go with Louis,” at this Lou shoots him a grateful smile, “Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs and Simon Cowell,” he continued.

I wrote down the five names.

“Honeymoon spots Nialler,” I turned to the blonde.

“Paris,” he began as he shoved nachos into his mouth in intervals. “New York. Hawaii. Tokyo…”

“Tokyo seriously?” Louis exclaimed. “Why Tokyo?”

“Don’t question me Boo Bear.”

“Last place?” I asked.

“Umm… Bermuda,” the blonde smiled, happy with his choice.

“Harry. Pets?”

Harry smiled. “Hmm… cats, turtle, dogs, tiger and… a… uh… crocodile.”
This time I for someone to comment on the absurdity of Harry’s choices but they didn’t.

This time no one did. They were some really weird people.

Louis had gotten worked up about Tokyo, yet no one got worked up about keeping a crocodile and a tiger as pets. Weird.

After getting some other options from Louis and Zayn about car types and cities, I had written down all the options.

Then I turned to El.

“Just tell me when to stop,” I instructed.

She nodded furiously, making her brown locks bounce up and down.

I drew a spiral and continued until she told to me stop.

I counted the lines. 12.

Then I did the necessary crossing out and all.

“Done,” I exclaimed as I turned to all of them.

“Tell us,” Louis cried out in anticipation.

“Okay. Now,” I began then paused for suspense.

“Ally!” they all shouted.

“Okay, okay,” I muttered. “Don’t be getting your knickers in a twist. So El,” I turned to the brunette, “you will live in a mansion in Tokyo, you’ll drive a Rolls Royce and own a tiger and be married to Ed Sheeran, who you’ll honeymoon with in Hawaii.”

They all laughed at my prediction and analysis.

“Ed?” Louis choked out. “That’s my competition.”

“Louis don’t be mean,” Liam chastened.

“It’s not that he’s not that… but he won’t even dream of it.”

"True,” Niall agreed.

“So who’s next?” I asked.

“ME!” Harry insisted.

“Okay. So Zayn,” I said, “give me five modes of transportation,” I added.

“Okay,” he muttered. “A Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, a bike and a double Decker.”

We all laughed at Zayn’s choices.

“Niall. Five honeymoon spots.”

Niall took a full minute to think it over.

“Okay,” he began, “I choose Haiti, Belgium, Brazil, Canada and Fiji.”

“Nice,” I muttered then turned to Louis. “Boo Bear; give me five… uh pets.”

“Hmm…” he pondered it over. “Let’s see… a turtle, a cat, a dog, a canary and a… a …uh snake.”

“A snake?” Harry exclaimed. “Are you bloody serious? A snake?”

“Haz calm down,” Liam said. “It’s only a game. No one’s saying that you should really get a snake.”

“Fine,” he muttered. “But I’m just putting it out there, me and snakes don’t agree.”

“Can we get on with the bloody game already?” El asked as she tapped her feet on the ground.

“Yea sure Ms. Impatient,” Harry mocked.

I watched them as they bantered back and forth.

“Als babe,” Liam interceded. “Continue before a cat fight breaks out.”

“Sure. Okay Liam,” I began. “Five girls.”

“Okay,” he smiled smugly. “I choose Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, Cher Lloyd, Caroline Flack and uh… you.”

“Me?” I squeaked out, trying desperately to hide the glee and well…. Shock in the undertone of my voice.

“Yea you,” Liam confirmed.

“Oh,” I muttered. “Okay.”

I wrote down the names.

“So El, cities?”

El smiled wickedly. “Oh this will be marvellous. Iraq. Iran. Afghanistan and Israel.”

“You’ve got to at least have a good city there El,” Harry argued.

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes, y-,”


We all eyed him in shock.

Did sweet, loving Niall Horan just shout?

“Fine,” Harry and El [who both got over the shock quickly] agreed.

“Good,” Niall muttered. “Oh and El, just give him a war-free zone city please.”

“Fine… and uh… Nashville.”

Harry looked like he was going to argue so I interceded.

“Now Harry,” I avoided his green eyes. “Tell me when to stop.”

I started to draw a spiral like I did with El.

“Stop!” Harry said when I made my eighth round.

I counted the lines.


Perfect. My lucky number.

I did the necessary crossing out and when I was done, I stared at the paper again.

No! No! It can’t be.

I wrote the options again on another blank page.

“Uh… Harry,” I muttered, my voice shaking. “Let’s do it again.”

Again I drew a larger spiral and stopped when he shouted ‘Stop!’

I counted the lines.

16 on the dot again.

What the heck?

I looked up at Harry.

He smiled back at me. Knowingly???

Did he already know it?

No, he can’t have. He couldn’t.

He was [and still is] with Taylor freaking Swift.

“Any troubles babe?” Liam’s deep, soothing voice said as he wrapped his strong and sturdy arms around me.

“Non- None,” I managed to say.

“Tell us what it is,” Niall said. “I’m hungry.”

“Do you ever stop eating?” I asked Niall when I spotted a chance of avoiding the conversation.

He shrugged. “No. Why?”

“Just wondering,” I said.

Brilliant Ally. Just brilliant. You want to avoid that conversation but you say that.

Thankfully, he   continued the convo.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty,” Niall quoted as he smirked. “Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Zayn snorted. “Who said that? The Dalai frickin Lama?”

“Buddha,” Niall replied.

“Where did you get it from?”

“A… hmm… I reckon it was a health book.”

“Yeah,” Zayn began, “Well, wasn’t it George Washington who said, ‘Be careful when reading health books. You may die of a misprint’?”

“Nice,” Liam said as he high fived Zayn.

“Ha-ha,” Niall muttered dryly. “Now let’s just get on with the game. Ally?”

“Yeah?” I asked, hoping that he was calling me to ask me to make him lasagne or a roast. Anything but the results.

“Results,” he answered.

“Oh right,” I stared at the piece of paper in my hand.

“Als,” the all prodded.

“Okay, okay,” I muttered. “Harry,” I turned to the green eyed boy,” you will live in an apartment in Nashville and drive a Lamborghini You’ll have a pet canary and honeymoon in Belgium.”

“Nice,” Harry muttered. “Now who will I marry?”

“Umm,” I stared at the paper again, hoping that it would magically vanish.

I forced on a smile as if everything was bright and peachy and the word I’d say next wouldn’t matter at all.

“Me!” I said.

“You?” everyone asked.

“Yeah,” I shoved the paper at them.

“Well, that’s marvellous,” Harry muttered.

“It’s just a game right?” Lima said as he squeezed me tight.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Just a game.”

“Well then ‘wifey’,” Harry winked at me playfully.

“Yes ‘husband’?” I played along.

“Will you break up with Liam for me?”

I felt Liam’s arm tense up around me.

“Uh… sure,” I replied then leaned towards Liam and muttered, “It’s just a game babe. Just a game.”

“So,” Louis broke the tense silence. “We’re gonna go out for a double date New Year’s Eve right?”

Liam faced me. “Up for another date?”

I nodded vigorously.

“Yea Lou,” he said. “We’re up for it.”



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