#TargetGirl [Harry and Liam FanFic] [COMPLETED]

Ally Khrystn enjoys her job @ Target.
Getting into work late. Stacking albums...
But a 'Battle of the Bands' display is up @ Target between The Wanted and One Direction and the boys from 1D just can't help themselves, so they go and check out the sales.
Ally, unbeknowist to their plan tells a disguised Harry that he's a pervert.
Later on, Harry tweets about an elusive #TargetGirl which gets the media buzzing about who she is and if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are still together....
Liam, brokenhearted from Danielle, comes up with a plan to get her back...
But everything back fires as he falls for #TargetGirl
What does a girl do, when 2 of 1D are after her heart???
And to make matters more interesting she has a crush on her cousin... But then it's understandable when you find out who he is? A clue... He's British and also in a band. What will happen when another falls for the Wyatt heiress??
Read and find out
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7. I'm an UNCLE!!!


Harry’s POV:


“Great. She finally replied,” Louis exclaimed as he sat down next to me on the dining table.

“Going somewhere with El?” I asked him after seconds of continuing to stare at his iPhone.

“Nah, mate,” he shook his head, “Remember, she left yesterday?”

“Oh right.”

“Hey Tommo,” Niall said, no greeting whatsoever to me, “Seen the tweet yet?” In his hand was a bag of nachos (he was getting addicted to the snack), his Blackberry in his other hand, obviously open to the site.

“Just seen it,” Louis replied swiftly.

“Uh…what tweet?” I asked, grabbing my own phone and checking my account.

Before they reply, Zayn and Liam entered the room, eyes both glued onto Liam’s Android.

“That’s funny, Nialler,” Zayn said, smirking as he grabs a nacho from Niall’s stash. I was surprised he got away with it. Niall never let anyone do that. His eyes were still glued onto his phone. Whatever was on Twitter was that interesting.

“Hilarious,” Louis echoed, not even looking up from his phone.

I searched my account for whatever it was. After all, if one of the lads got a funny tweet, I’d also get it, right?

My deduction proved wrong when I saw nothing funny on my account except for some fans saying they loved me.

“Oi,” I shouted, frustration leaking into my voice, “What’s this about?”

No one replied as they were all preoccupied with the non existent tweet.

“Lads?” I tried again.

“Nothing bro,” Louis finally replied, trying to hide his phone from me like whatever was on it would kill me.

What the hell was going on?
Finally, I gained some sense to log onto Tommo’s account. I, after all, knew the password.

‘I LOVE ELEANOR I typed in and voila! I’m in

There was a tweet from yesterday.


@AllyKhrystN: @Real_Liam_Payne, @zaynmalik, @NiallOfficial, @Louis_Tomlinson just bloody followed me!!


How the heck could she forget me?

Below the tweet there were various replies from fans, so I scrolled through looking for the lads’ tweets.

@zaynmalik: A pleasure babe @AllyKhrystN


@NiallOfficial: Cute babe. Forgetting Haz. He’s really gonna be pissed. @AllyKhrystN, YOU R DEAD… IJK


I saw that Nialler didn’t tag me in his comment, so I wouldn’t see it. Cute Niall, but he was really gonna get it.


@AllyKhrystN: Bring it on @NiallOfficial. I ain’t scared of a singer…


@Louis_Tomlinson: He’s gonna be mad! @NiallOfficial, @AllyKhrystN


@NiallOfficial: Can see steam erupting from his curls… @AllyKrystN


@Real_Liam_Payne: @NiallOfficial > hilarious ... Haz will be mad.... @AllyKhrystN, an honour babe.


@NiallOfficial: Stop hitting on her LeeYum!!!


@zaynmalik: Still thinking of food Niall… and EeeeWww…


“What the Flack?” I shouted at the top of my beautiful lungs.

They all turned their attention to me.

Niall was still midway chucking a nacho into his mouth.

“What happened, Haz?” Louis asked, brows arched at me.

“Why is m name not her thanks list?” I growled out.

“Oh, you’ve seen it?” Zayn commented.

“You damn  right I have,” I snapped, typing furiously on my phone.

“What’re you doing’, Haz?” Liam asked as he moved towards me, trying to see what I was doing.

“Just a little intervention.”


@Harry_Styles: @AllyKhrystN…erm…forgotten someone???


Seconds later, my phone blared out.


@AllyKhrystN: @Harry_Styles…nah. Don’t think so. Thnkd all I needed to thank.


She really knew how to push my buttons.

“Who does she think she is?” I wondered out loud.

“Haz?” Zayn called out.

I ignored him.

A cushion was flung and hits me.

“Zayn, you really need to stop doing that,” I growled out at him, only to stop short and see that Zayn wasn’t the culprit.

My girlfriend was. Standing there, blonde locks flowing down past her shoulders, blue eyes locked onto mine, was Taylor Swift.

“Oh,” I muttered, as the word left my mouth I knew I sounded like a total prick, “Hey babe,” I exclaimed, getting out of my chair and hugging her tightly.

“Harry,” she muttered, squeezing me as I smelt her beautiful scent, “You okay?”

I nodded, “Have you already had tea?”

She pointed at a bag and 6 cups of Starbucks on the table.

Pulling her into a kiss, I smiled at her, “Thanks babe. Just what I need.”

“You’re welcome,” she said, smiling her Swift smile.

“So how’s Austin?” I asked her as Niall pulls a glazed croissant out of the brown paper bag.

“Great,” she replied, grabbing a latté and downing it, “He sends his regards.”

I nodded. I really liked her brother. He could relate to me and I could relate to him. At least as much as a British lad could relate to an American boy and vice versa.

“So what’s your plan for today?” she asked, sitting down at the table and nodding at the empty chair next to her.

I sat down at it, “Nothing really,” I said.

“Wanna go sightseeing?” she asked me, as I placed a hand on her warm knee.

I really wasn’t listening. Being around her always drove me insane. I wanted her so badly but I knew that having a ‘session’ during broad day light wasn’t very…well…gentlemanly of me. But then again, she always made me feel alive.

No! HARRY, I mentally shout at myself. Prove Ally wrong. You’re not a pervert and you can so control your urges. Although that last part wasn’t her accusation.

Why the heck am I thinking of her when I’m with my beautiful girl.

“You’re not listening to me, are you?” Taylor asked, brining me out of my thoughts, she had an amused smirk on.

I nodded absentmindedly, lost in her beautiful eyes.

“Harry, I’m pregnant,” she lied.

“Good for you, babe,” I just replied, twirling  a finger in a stray lock of hers.

“WHAT THE HECK?” Louis shouted in the typical Tommo way, “I’m going to be an UNCLE?”

“Shut up Lou,” I yelled at him.

“Yes,” Taylor continued the ruse, “But he’s not the father,” she paused for suspense before adding, “Niall is.”

Niall who had been scuffing down a croissant spits it out (a rare act, because once something’s in Nialler’s mouth it’s gone), and stares open mouthed at her.

“Harry, I swear,” he started, “I didn’t touch her. What th-”

“She’s joking Nialler,” I interrupted him, because he honestly seemed to believe it, and the poor fella would just die of a heart attack, “Get back to your croissant.”

Liam and Zayn burst out laughing at Niall, who hid his blush red face by stuffing it into the Starbucks bag.

No croissant for me.



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