#TargetGirl [Harry and Liam FanFic] [COMPLETED]

Ally Khrystn enjoys her job @ Target.
Getting into work late. Stacking albums...
But a 'Battle of the Bands' display is up @ Target between The Wanted and One Direction and the boys from 1D just can't help themselves, so they go and check out the sales.
Ally, unbeknowist to their plan tells a disguised Harry that he's a pervert.
Later on, Harry tweets about an elusive #TargetGirl which gets the media buzzing about who she is and if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are still together....
Liam, brokenhearted from Danielle, comes up with a plan to get her back...
But everything back fires as he falls for #TargetGirl
What does a girl do, when 2 of 1D are after her heart???
And to make matters more interesting she has a crush on her cousin... But then it's understandable when you find out who he is? A clue... He's British and also in a band. What will happen when another falls for the Wyatt heiress??
Read and find out
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5. Doritos


Harry’s POV

One Week Later:

“So when’s your visit ending?” the beautiful voice of my girl asked over the phone.

“I don’t know,” I paused, “Hold on a sec babe,” I said into the receiver, and then turned to see Niall sitting on the recliner playing with his Blackberry.

“Oi mate,” I called out to him, throwing a cushion at him.

Damn, I was turning into Zayn.

He whipped around and glared at me. I think I’d interrupted him texting a lady…

“WHAT?” he snapped. A very unNiall like behaviour. Guess it was a fit lady.

“Sorry mate,” I apologized, “But when’s our visit ending? Coz I don’t remember the date exactly, just that it’s on a Thursday.”


“Taylor’s asking.”

“Oh,” he muttered, “Sorry mate. I don’t know either. Ask Liam. Y’know I never listen to what Paul says.”

I nodded, and then went off in search of Liam.

When I did find him, he had his face buried in Breaking Dawn.

Finally after prying the answer from him, I got back on the phone.

“We’re done here in about two weeks babe,” I said into the receiver as I plopped down on the armchair.

“Oh,” Taylor muttered, her tone defeated.

“Is everything alright, babe?”

“Nah. Y’know I’ll be leaving for the Red tour on Monday and I’ll be gone for a month.”

“Oh,” I muttered thinking of the possibility of not seeing her for a long time.


There was a long silence between us as I ran through plans and schedules, wondering when I could try and get some free time for her.

“But,” I started, “you know you can come over to London when it’s done, right? Just hop on your jet and come see me.”

“Oh, that’s great,” she exclaimed, I could hear the smile through the phone, “I could totally do that.”


After another hour of talking about nothing in particular, we hung up.

“So everything good?” Zayn asked as he entered the room, wearing only grey sweats with no tee, showing off the packs that girls fawned over.

I nodded.

“So why the glum tone, Haz?” Niall piped up, brows creased in.

Curse Niall and his intuition.

“I’m just gutted about not seeing her for a while but everything’s great now.”

“Where’s she going?”


“But didn’t you already know she’s leaving for her Red tour?” Zayn asked.

“Must’ve slipped my mind,” I said, flicking on the telly, but couldn’t quite focus on what they were talking about.

“I know the feeling,” Niall commented.

“Everything good Nialler?” Zayn asked the blonde, “There’s still some food in the pantry.”

“Nah it’s not that,” Niall said as he pressed the buttons of his phone furiously, “Just totally forgot that we have to be on Oprah tomorrow. Did you guys know that?”

“No,” I said.

“Me too,” Zayn agreed.

Paul hadn’t said anything about the Oprah interview, nor did he say it and we were all preoccupied. Me with Taylor and my curls, Niall with food and Zayn with his face.

“Llleeeyyyuuummm!” Zayn yelled, dragging the name, as he banged his fists on Liam’s door.

Liam opened the door and poked his head out of the door.

“Yeah mate?” he asked, his calm demeanour was the exact opposite of our frantic one. Since we always had days to prepare for an interview, and this was OPRAH…Oprah one of the most watched show in the entire world…Maybe even universe if Mars could receive cable. To make matters worse, we weren’t ready. I wasn’t ready…Liam was, I’m pretty sure ready.

“What'cha doing?” Zayn asked innocently, disguising his anger, which would after all be unnecessary.

“Just reading,” he flashes the book, “Up to the honeymoon stage bro,” he blushed.

Liam was one of the few boys in the universe that blushed when it came to a sex scene in a book.

“Oh really?” Zayn asked, “How about you tell me what happens,” his tone was sweet but changed dramatically as he increased his tone, “RIGHT AFTER YOU EXPLAIN TO ME HOW EXACTLY YOU FORGOT TO INFORM US ABOUT THE OPRAH THING TOMMORROW.”

Liam narrowed his eyes at Zayn, “I sent you all each an email two weeks ago after setting it in your calendar.”

What the heck? Who sends an email in this century? What era does he think he’s living in? I, of course don’t say this out loud. One thing you should know about Liam is that when his calm, he’s nice and all, but when you piss the lad off, you’re in for it.

“Why can’t you just use the all fashioned method?” Niall intercedes.

“Like what?” Liam and I both ask at the same time.

“Like yelling,” he said this in an isn’t-it-obvious tone, “Like, ‘NIALLER and the rest,” he paused as Zayn interrupted him.

“And the rest? Seriously?”

“Just listen, I’m telling you the story so yeah, you’re the rest,” he grinned at himself proudly, “Well, anyways, ‘NIALLER and the rest, WE HAVE THE OPRAH INTERVIEW TOMORROW SO CALL LOU AND ARRANGE SOMETHING SO HE’LL FIX OUR LOOKS BEFORE WE MAKE COMPLETE AND UTTER PRATS OF OURSELVES ON NATIONAL TV!’,” he smiles at himself, probably proud that he’d use those large terms.

I laughed at his nature. Niall was such a fun loving character and he was one of the last, nah actually the last person I’d expect to call someone a prat. That however was Louis’ nature. That actually was his job description for the band.

“Fine,” Liam said, “I get it. I just had too much on my mind,” his face cringed up like it hurt even thinking about whatever was on his mind.

“Oh yeah,” Zayn demanded, “Like what?”

I just wanted to stuff something in Zayn’s mouth at that moment as I saw Liam’s face darken and grow cold.

Without another word, he stomped out for the balcony.

“Leeyum,” Zayn shouted.

“Oi,” I cried out, hoping Liam hadn’t heard him, “Just leave the lad alone, yeah?”

 “And why should I, Hazza?”

I threw a cushion at him, he glared at me. Damn, I really was turning into Zayn.

I looked around for Liam, hoping he was still out of earshot.

The shrieks f glee erupting from the balcony told me that Liam was still out there.

I turned to the lads, “Danielle, remember?”

“What about her?” Niall asked, shrugging himself out of his blue jacket and grabbing his second bag of Doritos, grabbing a handful and chucking it into his mouth.

“Are you that thick Nialler?”

“Hey Haz,” he complained, “Explain?”

“He still fancies her, mate,” I explained, “So he can’t remember it since he keeps thinking of her.”

There was a moment of silence, in which Niall left his bag of Doritos alone (a bloody rare act).

I was proud of him. I knew that was a hard thing for him to do.

“I owe him an apology,” Zayn admitted.

I nodded in agreement, “Actually I think we all do.”

The bag of Doritos was left alone for the remainder of the day.    



Hey guys, sorry for the short chapter... Just a fill in on how depressed Leeyum is right now... But next chapters gonna be long I think... There's a huge surprise coming up soon involving The Wanted of course...

There'll be tension, drama and yeah,...stuff

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#TargetGirl <3

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