My Boys

When Tara was little, she had a best friend but then had to move away. She found a new best friend but once again had to move. She found another best friend but was forced to move. Once again, she finds a new best friend and then has to move. This best friend, gets Tara into a bit of trouble with her parents. So once again she has to move. Each of her best friends gave her a present before leaving and she always kept them. When Tara starts out at a brand new school and makes plenty of friends, everything goes well. That is until the fist day of high school when she sees people she never thought see would ever see again. Will that all become best friends? Will anyone of them fall for Tara?


32. Zayn's Birthday

~Tara's POV~

*Beep, Beep, Beep*

I wake up to my alarm going off. I roll over and turn it off before getting up. As I walk to the bathroom, I notice my calendar has a red circle on today's date. I get a closer look and see that it says, 'Zayn's b-day' in big letters. Even though we have school today, I have everything planned out. I hop in the shower and quickly get ready for school.

I grab my bag and rush downstairs. I'm putting my shoes and jacket on when my mom comes into the hallway. "Tara. Where are you going?" "Today is Zayn's birthday. I've got the whole day planned. First, is going to breakfast." "Well have fun and tell Zayn I said happy birthday." "I will. Bye Mom." I quickly say and rush out of the house. 

I make good time in getting to his house. I knock on the door and his mom answers. "Hello Tara." "Hi Mrs. Malik. Is Zayn ready yet?" "Almost. Come on in." "Thanks." I walk in and chat with Mrs. Malik a bit. I hear footsteps on the stairs and instantly know it's Zayn. When he comes into the kitchen I say, "Good morning Zayn." "Oh hey T. Morning." "Well we better get going. We'll see ya later Mrs. Malik." "Bye kids." I grab Zayn's arm and drag him to the door so he can put on his shoes and jacket and grab his bag. I then drag him out of the house and lead him to our destination. "Tara, where are we going? I haven't even had breakfast." "Oh calm down. You'll get your breakfast." I say and chuckle.

As we get closer, I can tell Zayn realizes where we are going. We arrive at the coffee shop and take our usual seats. We order our food and then make small talk. "Before you saying anything Zayn, I want to wish you a happy birthday. This is just the beginning. I've got the whole day planned." "Thanks T but you don't have to do this." "Don't be silly. Of course I do. You're my best friend. Now no arguing with me." "Alright. No arguing." He says and we laugh.

After breakfast and me having to tell Zayn more than once that he wasn't paying, we make our way to school. Once we get there, we meet up with our friends and stand around talking before going to class.

~Zayn's POV~

When I get up this morning, I remember that it's my birthday. I get ready and make my way downstairs just like normal. I'm surprised to see Tara here but I have a feeling she has something planned for today. She quickly rushes me out of the house and we end up having breakfast at the coffee shop. It was really good food. I try to convince Tara to let me pay but she reminds me that I can't argue with her so I have to let her pay. However, I'll get my payback on her birthday. Hehe.

When we get to school, my friends and other classmates wish me a happy birthday. We stand around talking before we have to go to class. For the first few classes, we have subs and just watch movies. 

I'm waiting at my locker for Tara so we can go to lunch when I see something covering my eyes. "What's going on?" "Relax Zayn. I'm taking you somewhere." I hear Tara say. I smile and let her lead me to where ever we are going. I hear a door close behind us and then Tara stops me. I hear some footsteps and then the blindfold is taken off of me. "Happy birthday!" My friends say. I give them a smile and say thanks. I notice we are in a classroom. I look at the tables to find pizza and drinks. "You guys' didn't have to do this." "We did. But it was all Tara's idea." Marcy says. I give Tara a big smile and notice her blush. We sit down and start eating the pizza and talking.

After lunch, we go to our last few classes. I try and find out more info from Tara about what she has planned, but she won't budge. I normally don't like surprises but Tara is making this year totally different. I truly couldn't ask for a better best friend.

~Tara's POV~

I'm sitting in last period being restless. I just want school to be over so I can continue on with my plans. I text my brother, Andrew, to remind him to take my guitar to Zayn's house when he goes for the party. I hear the bell ring and jump out of my seat and rush to mine and Zayn's lockers so I can continue with my plans. 

Zayn and I put our books in our lockers and grab what we need. I grab his wrist and pull him outside towards the city bus. We get on and find a seat. "Where are we going Tara?" "To the mall. We haven't been in a while and it gives us something to do than just go to your house and do the same thing that we always do." "You don't have a point." "Well duh." I say and smile. We get to the mall and walk around checking out stores for a few hours. "Tara, I'm getting hungry. Can we head home to eat?" "One more place to go before going home alright?" "Alright."

We get back on the city bus and head to the location of the party. I try not to reveal my excitement or a smile. Before the bus turns the corner so we can get off, I tie a blindfold over Zayn's eyes and preparing to lead him off the bus and to the party.

~Zayn's POV~

Tara and I are on the bus headed somewhere before getting food. I'm staring out the window when everything goes black. "Tara what's going on?" "Ssshh Zayn. It's just a blindfold. Don't worry and just do what I say." She says. I feel the bus come to a stop and Tara leads me off the bus. I no longer feel the cold air of outside so I assume we must be in a building but everything is quiet. I hear our footsteps across the floor and a door close. "T, where are we? Can I take this off now?" "Yes." She says. I take off the blindfold and next thing I know, my friends and family are popping out of nowhere and yelling "Surprise!"

I'm gobsmacked! I look around and see food and decorations. I hear Tara next to me laughing. "What's so funny?" "Your reaction." Tara replies still laughing. "Did you do all of this?" She nods her head. "Thank you." I say as I give my best friend a hug. "You're welcome Z." My family comes up and wraps me in a hug and wish me a happy birthday. Music is turned on and everyone starts digging into the food and talking with one another. I walk around talking with the various guests for a bit before getting some food. I find an empty seat where Tara, Jay, Marcy, and Devon are sat and take a seat. 

"We've gotta mark this day down in history." Marcy says. "What do you  mean?" Tara questions. The rest of us look at each other before Devon speaks up. "Each year since we all became friends, we've tried throwing a surprise party for Zayn but it's always failed. This is the first time anyone has succeed." "Well I'm glad I was able to be the one to surprise Zayn." Tara says and we all laugh.

After a couple of hours, my mom announces that it's time for me to open presents. I groan but Tara grabs my wrist and pulls me over to a table with presents. Even though I don't want to do this, I can't disappoint Tara after everything she's done. Once I've opened all the presents, I notice there isn't one from Tara. I look up next to me, but she's not standing there any more. I then see her on a stage. "Excuse me everybody." The room goes silent and all eyes are on Tara. I get up from my seat and walk to the front middle of the crowd gathered at the stage. "Thank you all for coming to celebrate Zayn's birthday. Zayn is my best friend and I would like to give him his present now." She picks up a guitar and puts the strap on her shoulder before sitting on a stool and adjusting the mic. "Zayn, you have been there for me ever since I moved here. We've done everything together and I hope it stays that way so here is my present to you. I wrote this song just for you. I hope you like it." She smiles at me before looking down at the guitar and start playing.

She finishes the song and everyone claps and cheers. I clap for her and smile. She puts her guitar down and walks off the stage and over to me. I wrap her in a hug and whisper in her ear, "Thank you Tara. That song was great and I'll always treasure it and you." She whispers back in my ear, "You're welcome Zayn and happy birthday." When we pull apart, I give her a kiss on the cheek. We spend the next hour or so having a blast just partying and goofing off.

Once everyone leaves, I help my mom load up the car with my presents. Once the car is loaded, I walk back inside to see Tara trying to take down the banner. "Need some help?" I ask. She nods her head and I get on the other side to help. "Thank you again Tara. Today was really great. I couldn't ask for a better best friend." "It was nothing Zayn. I was just doing what any friend would do." "Well it meant a lot to me." I say and give her a smile. We finish up with the decorations. As we head to the car, I wrap my arm around her shoulder and bring her into my side. We get to our parents cars and turn to each other. "I know you'll probably hit me for this, but I just want to say thank you again." I say. "You're right. I am gonna hit you," Tara says and then hits me on the arm. "And it was nothing." I kiss the top of Tara's forehead say, "Goodnight. Sleep well and I'll see ya tomorrow." "Night Zayn." She replies and then we part our own ways.

I get home and decide to head up to my room and go straight to bed. I lay in bed and just relive the moments of this evening. I can't help but see Tara's happy face in mind as I fall asleep.

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