My Boys

When Tara was little, she had a best friend but then had to move away. She found a new best friend but once again had to move. She found another best friend but was forced to move. Once again, she finds a new best friend and then has to move. This best friend, gets Tara into a bit of trouble with her parents. So once again she has to move. Each of her best friends gave her a present before leaving and she always kept them. When Tara starts out at a brand new school and makes plenty of friends, everything goes well. That is until the fist day of high school when she sees people she never thought see would ever see again. Will that all become best friends? Will anyone of them fall for Tara?


31. Visiting Dad

~Tara's POV~

The next morning, I wake up and get ready for the day. I throw on a pair of skinny jeans with a sweater and then go to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I keep my hair straight and go light with my makeup. I pull on my Ugg boots and go downstairs to have breakfast.

As I eat, I notice my parents looking at me with smiles. "What?" "I'm glad we have our little girl back." Dad says. "Don't worry. She's not back. This is just part of my plan to tell my real dad of how I've changed." I reply and smirk. We are silent for the rest of breakfast. I then get my things and bring them downstairs to put in the car.

My brothers and I load up and then say goodbye to everyone. We go pick up Zayn and head to my dad's house in Coventry. The whole ride there, Zayn and I play games on his phone. My brothers do ask him some questions but mostly allow us to do our own thing.

We finally pull into a driveway and I look out the window to see a two-story white modern house. "Is this really Dad's house?" "Yes." Andrew replies. We pile out of the car and unload our bags. I hear the front door open and then see Dad come out to meet us. He hugs my brothers and then comes over to me. "Hi Tara." "Hi." I decide to give him a hug and he gives me one back. When we pull apart, Zayn is standing next to me. "Dad. This is my best friend, Zayn. Zayn, this is my dad." I introduce. "Nice to meet you Sir." Zayn says while shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you too. And please, call me John." Zayn nods his head and Dad leads us into the house. We pick out our rooms and then meet up in the living room. Dad decides to order pizza for lunch. We sit  down and catch/get to know one another while waiting on the pizza.

~Zayn's POV~

As I'm waiting on Tara and her brothers to come pick me, I make sure I have everything I need. I'm actually glad that I said yes to going. It gives me something to do this break since originally I was gonna be stuck here without Tara. I know it'll be a bit weird with her dad and everything but that's alright with me.

They arrive right on time and I put my things in the trunk before getting in next to Tara. She tells me that her dad lives in Coventry so it'll be a bit of a drive. I pull out my phone and we take turns playing various games. Andrew and Stan make a bit of conversation with me but keeps to themselves most of the ride.

When we pull into the driveway of a two-story white house, I'm a bit shocked. I didn't expect something quite this big but oh well. We grab our stuff out of the back when their dad comes out and gives them hugs. Tara exchanges a few words with him before giving him a hug. 'Wow. Didn't expect that.' Tara doesn't really like her real dad so it was surprising. Tara introduces me to him. "Nice to meet you Sir." I say and shake his hand. "Nice to meet you too. And please, call me John." I nod my head and we are guided inside. It's quite a nice house. Nothing like I thought it would be. As we wait on lunch, we sit in the living room talking.

As I sit here, I realize that Tara hasn't acted like she does at home and she's not even dressed like usual. 'She must have a plan on how to tell him.' I get to know John and he doesn't seem like such a bad person. Granted, Tara never told me much about him because of how young she was when he left. I kinda hope that fix things between them. After lunch, we are able to chill and do our own thing since John has a bit of work to do.

"You and your father seemed to get along." I tell Tara. "Yeah. At least for now. We'll see how he is once he sees how I've been dressing." "Do you think he'll get mad?" "Not really sure. I don't ever remember him getting mad. However, next to Andrew, my dad was the only one who understood why I did the things I did." "I take it you have a plan then." "Of course I do Z. That's why I'm wearing these clothes. All part of the plan." I shake my head at her and we continue watching TV.

~Tara's POV~

After Dad gets home from work and we have dinner, he decides we should open our presents. We gather in the living room and he passes out our presents. Andrew opens his and then Stan does. It's now my turn. My dad has gotten me a laptop case, video camera, a couple movies, and a perfume and lotion set. "Thanks Dad." I say with a slight smile. Andrew gives Dad the couple presents we got him and he opens them. "Thanks kids'." It's then that I notice another present that is fairly big. "Hey Dad. Who's that one for?" I ask pointing to it. "Oh. That's for you Tara." He replies and brings it over to me. I open it up and it's a guitar. "Wow. Thanks." I say genuinely. He smiles big at me and we all talk some more.

As I lay in bed, I think about my plan and if I should go through with it. I decide yes because he needs to know what I'm like since he's been gone for so long.

*2 days later*

I've finally showed my dad the true me. He actually wasn't mad. I have this feeling that he knew I would eventually start to act and dress like the way I am. Maybe that's why it didn't shock him. Whatever the reason I don't really care. So far this trip hasn't been too bad. We've all gotten along really well. Dad has been working half days so he can be with us. I wish he would've done that long ago but at least now is better than never. I do have to admit I've had a good time so far.

Zayn and I are watching a movie when my dad comes home from work. "Hey kiddos. Have you had lunch yet?" We shake our heads no. "Alright. Give me a few minutes and then we'll get some." About five minutes later, he comes down with my older brothers. "Alright. Gets your shoes and coats. We're going out for lunch and then go do something fun." We do as he says and then get in the car.

We get to a nice looking restaurant and go inside and get seated. We order our food and then discuss on what we should do afterwards. "I say bowling." "What about skating?" "There's laser flash." "How about something we can't always do?" "I've got the perfect place." Dad says with a smile. "Where?" I ask. "You'll have to wait and see." Our food arrives and we dig in. Once the bill is payed, we get back in the car and Dad starts driving to wherever it is we're going. After a while, we pull into a parking lot. I look at the sign and see we are at an outdoor ice skating rink. 'This could actually be fun.'

On the way back home, we are all laughing about the stupid yet fun things that happened while ice skating. We get home and I decide to go straight to bed. I fall asleep with a smile on my face. I truly did have a good time.

*a week later*

~Zayn's POV~

We're in the car headed back to Bradford since our break is practically over. Tara is asleep and I'm talking with Andrew and Stan. They are both really cool guys' and I see them as big brothers. "I had a good time with you guys'." "We enjoyed having you. Even Dad." Stan says. "I sorta gathered. We got along really well. He's a nice guy." "Thanks Zayn. You're not bad either." Andrew says and we crack up laughing.

When we are near my house, Tara wakes up. "We almost home already?" "Yeah. You slept most of the way." "Well excuse me for having to work on something very important last night." Tara replies. "And what might that be?" "Can't tell ya yet. It's a surprise." "Mhmm." We pull into my driveway and I say goodbye to them before grabbing my things and going inside. My family meets me in the hallways and gives me hugs. "How was your trip Honey?" Mom says. "It was great. I had a good time." "I'm glad." She replies. We sit down to dinner and I tell them about what we did and stuff.

~Tara's POV~

The guys' and I are in the car headed back home. I'm actually disappointed. I enjoyed this past week and a half. My dad and I were able to reconnect.

We are a few minutes into the drive, and I can't stop yawing. I stayed up last night playing guitar and writing a song. I'm writing it for Zayn for his birthday to tell him how much I appreciate him as a friend. After about ten minutes of being in the car, I fall asleep. I wake up and look at my outside surroundings to see that we are back in Bradford. We pull into Zayn's driveway and drop him off and then go home. Andrew helps me with my bags since I now have my guitar to carry in as well.

We are greeted at the door by our mother. She gives us each a hug and kiss on the cheek before allowing us to go upstairs and put our stuff away. Shortly after, dinner is ready. Mom asks us what we each got and what we did while at Dad's. We answer all of her questions. "Well sounds like you guys' had a good time." She says. "We did." The three of us say. 

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