My Boys

When Tara was little, she had a best friend but then had to move away. She found a new best friend but once again had to move. She found another best friend but was forced to move. Once again, she finds a new best friend and then has to move. This best friend, gets Tara into a bit of trouble with her parents. So once again she has to move. Each of her best friends gave her a present before leaving and she always kept them. When Tara starts out at a brand new school and makes plenty of friends, everything goes well. That is until the fist day of high school when she sees people she never thought see would ever see again. Will that all become best friends? Will anyone of them fall for Tara?


26. No Life

~Tara's POV~

Over the next couple of months, I practically have no life. Almost every weekend, I'm out on a 'date' with Derek. Usually it's going to the club or parties. There has been a few that we've gone to dinner or a movie with Carly and Jacob or Sarah and Cody. And then a couple of times, I've got to Jay's parties. I'm getting really fed up with this whole 'dating' thing. I'm half tempted to put an end to this and let my brother tell my parents. I'd rather be grounded that have to keep up this charade.

At school, I meet up with Zayn. I think he might be getting annoyed with Derek stealing me away every weekend. And especially since Derek could pull anything on me. "Hey Zayn." "Hey." He says kinda down. "What's wrong?" "Oh nothing." "Come on Z. I know you better than that. Tell me what's wrong." "Fine. I got tickets to see this band I like and wanted somebody to go with me, but nobody will." "I'll go with you." I say. "Yeah right. You'll have to go out this weekend with him." Ugh! I'm gonna kill Derek. That's it. I'm done with this crap. "No. You and I are going to that concert." "What do you mean?" "I'm doing pretending to be his girlfriend. I'm ending it now." "Really?" "Yes. He's done controlling me. Plus I can see it's been affecting us both." "Thanks T. This means a lot." "Anytime Z."

The rest of the day, Zayn was happy. It's great knowing I'm the reason why. He's been down lately cause I can never hang but that's changing starting today.

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