My Boys

When Tara was little, she had a best friend but then had to move away. She found a new best friend but once again had to move. She found another best friend but was forced to move. Once again, she finds a new best friend and then has to move. This best friend, gets Tara into a bit of trouble with her parents. So once again she has to move. Each of her best friends gave her a present before leaving and she always kept them. When Tara starts out at a brand new school and makes plenty of friends, everything goes well. That is until the fist day of high school when she sees people she never thought see would ever see again. Will that all become best friends? Will anyone of them fall for Tara?


38. Friends Forever

~Tara's POV~

That first month of school, the boys got to know one another and they all became friends. I'm really happy that they are here and they are friends. We have so much planned to do all ready. We spend almost every second together. We go to school and then to somebody's house each day. Usually we stay until after supper. On the weekends, we usually have sleepovers. I'm truly blessed to have Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry as my best friends.

We have even decided that we are all going to the same college. We might even get an apartment together. Everything that I had to go through, finally worked out for the best.

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