My Boys

When Tara was little, she had a best friend but then had to move away. She found a new best friend but once again had to move. She found another best friend but was forced to move. Once again, she finds a new best friend and then has to move. This best friend, gets Tara into a bit of trouble with her parents. So once again she has to move. Each of her best friends gave her a present before leaving and she always kept them. When Tara starts out at a brand new school and makes plenty of friends, everything goes well. That is until the fist day of high school when she sees people she never thought see would ever see again. Will that all become best friends? Will anyone of them fall for Tara?


19. Another Night Out

~Tara's POV~

The next morning, I wake up with the most terrible hangover. I look at my phone and see that it's one in the afternoon. I get up and go to the bathroom. I get a glass of water and take two advil before washing my face. I then put my hair up in a messy bun and throw on some baggy clothes. Once I'm dressed, I go downstairs to eat and watch TV.

As I'm watching a rerun of Pretty Little Liars, I hear footsteps on the stairs. My twin step-brothers come in and they both sit on either side of me. Jason then takes the remote from me and changes the channel. "Hey! I was watching something." "Get over it T. There's a game on." Luke says. I huff and move to the other couch. Being the only girl in the family, I've learned to like sports.

After the third quarter, I decide to go up to my room and get on Facebook. I'm shocked at the notifications and friend requests when I get on. It has been a while. Just as I'm about to check out the friend requests, my door is flung open. I spin around in the chair to see Derek.

"Got any plans tonight? No. Good." He says before I can say anything. "And what if I did?" "Cancel them. We're going out tonight." "Again?" "Yes again. Now get ready and make sure you look old enough." "Well where are we going?" "To a party." Derek says and leaves making sure to close the door. I close my laptop and get in the shower. Once I'm showered, I look through my clothes and decide on a pair of jeans with an off-the-shoulder top and some heels. I leave my hair straight and put on some make-up. I hear a knock on my door and Derek say, "You ready Tara?" "Coming." I say and then pick up my phone before heading to the car.

~Derek's POV~

When I wake up Saturday, it's 2 PM. I take some advil and then a shower. I stay in my room playing video games. Later, I get a text from one of my friends telling me there's a party and everyone is going. Guess this means another night out with the gang and Tara.

I go down to Tara's room and barge in. I explain to her we are going out again and it's to a party. She doesn't sound to thrilled but I could care less. When I leave her room, I head back to mine and change into a button shirt. After an hour, I ask Tara if she's ready. When she comes out of the room, we get in my car and I drive to the party.

I hold Tara's hand as we walk into the house and over to my group of friends. "Hey guys'." "Hey. The life of the party is finally here." Jacob says. "Very funny Man." I say. Tara takes a seat with the girls and I tell her I'm going to go get us drinks. When I come back, Tara is talking and laughing with the girls. "Here you go Babe." I say and give the drink to her before giving her a peck on the lips and take a seat next to Jacob. 

I spend most of the night with the guys' as the girls' are off somewhere doing there own thing. After many drinks, a girl who looks a lot like Tara takes me by the hand and drags me out on the dance floor. She starts grinding on me. I wrap my hands around her waist and pull her closer. I then start kissing her on her neck. Before too long, she's moaning and I'm getting a boner. I take her by the hand and lead her upstairs.

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