I Lost What I Loved But I Found It Again. . . With Problems

Amber has been living in New York City for a while, she hasn't talken it to well there, her best friend moved to California last month, she was the only person she hung out with in school, but now since her friend moved to california she has no one to hang out with at school any more. And she got dumped by her boyfriend. She has a little brother, he's 2 and his name is Max. Her parents just got divorced. And they were each going to take separate ways. One day, she moves with her mother and little brother in Holmes Chapel Chesire, England, Her neighbor there is a Star, but she does not know that, and that star is Harry Styles, Harry has a 'thing' for her, and he wants her to notice that, so one of the members of the band help harry with the idea, and that member starts having a 'thing' for amber as well, should he tell his feelings to amber? Or keep them to himself and help his mate harry?


6. What A 'Such' Lovely Day... Not So Lovely

Harry's POV

Well i dd like her neckalce, it was little things from One Direction of course, im part of that band, so it was nice! when she ame back downstairs she said.

"okay styles, i'm ready" she opened the door and waited for me to go out.

"after you" i said

she went out then i did.

"so since you just moved here, i'm going to bring you to a milkshake place called 'Bruno's Milkshakes' " i say

"well i'll be looking forward to it," i opend the car door for her, then i ran to the other side of the door to get in, i started the engine and went off to Bruno's Milkshakes.

Amber's POV

I'm pretty happy, that Harry Styles was asking me out on a date, well maybe not a date to him, but for me it is, but god, hes so hot, when we went inside the restuarant the place was crowded, wow there was a pretty long line, about 10 minutes to wait in line.

"there milkshakes are awsome" he says.

"you could tell, its crowded in here" after that i herd a girl scream, i turned around and saw she was starring toawrds me, then she ran up to, Harry, she looke about 8-9.

"oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! harry i love you so much! will you marry me?"  she took out her phone.

this was intresting.

"hello there, and yes i will marry you!"

the girl asked "can we take a picture? and then can you sign my case?" she asked

he nodded, since there was a big crowd in there, there wasn't really much space for them to take a picture.

"excuse me" the girl said giving me a face, i moved to the side ofthe wall, and well i went outside to choose a table. I waited... well i didn't know what to do, i didn't know if harry was going to continue to stay in line and get the shakes, or if he was gonna get out of line to- oh who am i kidding, i'm just a regular girl to him, he just wanted to tae me out to know the place. i just waited there, and started playing Temple Run.

A few seconds later, i saw Harry coming out of the shop.

"sorry about that" he said sittig down.

"sorry about what?" i say looking up from the game

"about the girl" he said

"oh no don't be, its not a problem,"

"well, are we till going to order?" he asks

"yeah," i get up and go to the back of the line,

After 15  whole minutes of waiting in line we finally were at the stand

"hello! Welcome to Burno's Milkshakes! What would you like to order today?" the girl says.

"well, I want a Blueberry with Strawberry Milkshake please and with sprinkles"

"okay what about you ma'am?" i looked over at the menu

"umm, i'll get... a ... Tripple Chocolate With Oreos in it."

"okay,that'll be 18 Dollars and 78 Cents"

i took out a 20 dollar billand put it on the counter.

harry looked at me "i'm paying" he inisisted

"sorry but i am" i push the money so the girl who worked there could get it.

"wait," he said the the girl, he took out a 20 dollar bill as well,

"take this and hand me that please" the girl gave him my money and got his money instead, he then gave me my money back

"here, i told yu i was paying" he said

"fine, you won... but next time its going to be my call." i take the money and put it in my wallet.

he then grabbed both of the shakes and headed out the door, we both looked for some tables that were empty,

"i guess ere going o have to go ejoy them at he park" he continued to look around.

"alright lets go" he gave me my shake and we crossed the street over tothe park, and we sat on a a cement table. i started sipping on it.

"so how is it" he asks lookng at me sipping from he shake.

"your right, the shakes are awsome" i say looking at his eyes, his perfect green eyes that made me get lost.

"i told you i used to come here everyday when i was-" there was the screaming again, we both turned to the right and saw tons of girls coming towards us.

"um, i think they're coming to you" i say continueisly sip from my shake.

"yeah i know, shall we run for it?" he asks

"well- we don't- well- i dont- know" i say

they were coming closer to us, and reallyt close

harry stood up and grabbed my hand and ran to his car.

"do you think there going to catch up to us?" i ask

but before he could answer the fans were already mobbing harry, which made me forcely pull away from harry's hand, i tried to get out of the crowed and shouted

"harry? harry!?" maybe he didn't hear me, he must of not hear me, on top of other people.

gosh! thee girls were crazy, i tried to get out ofthe crowd, bu i couldn't they were all bringing me back, so i decied to push really hard and finaly go out of the crowd,

i sat down on the edge of the sidewalk an continud panting, i turned to the right and saw the girls getting smaller and smaller, until they dissapeard.

Gee, i feel really bad for harry, i wish i could do something, what if he gets hurt? i feel awful.

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