I Lost What I Loved But I Found It Again. . . With Problems

Amber has been living in New York City for a while, she hasn't talken it to well there, her best friend moved to California last month, she was the only person she hung out with in school, but now since her friend moved to california she has no one to hang out with at school any more. And she got dumped by her boyfriend. She has a little brother, he's 2 and his name is Max. Her parents just got divorced. And they were each going to take separate ways. One day, she moves with her mother and little brother in Holmes Chapel Chesire, England, Her neighbor there is a Star, but she does not know that, and that star is Harry Styles, Harry has a 'thing' for her, and he wants her to notice that, so one of the members of the band help harry with the idea, and that member starts having a 'thing' for amber as well, should he tell his feelings to amber? Or keep them to himself and help his mate harry?


4. Improving

Amber's POV

I woke up in my room, on  inflatable bed, i was going to sleep on this thing while my furniture gets here from New York, i took a look at max, he next to me, he was perfectly sound asleep, i left him there and went to to my moms room, she was asleep as well, gee, she did look exausted, i went to the kitchen and checked the cabinets, she actually did mean it, she did go to the grocery store. I grabbed some eggs and made breakfeast

* 45 Minutes Later *

''Wow, you made breakfeast? '' my mom asks coming in the kitchen in PJs,

''yeah, i woke up about 30 minutes ago, i think, well i'm not good with time, so lets just say i woke up before you and max'' i say putting the eggs on her plate, and pouring coffee in her mug

''yeah i know, talking about, math, or school, well yesterday I went online and checked out some schools for you to go to,'' she says sipping off her mug.

When she said the word school my heart sunk, what if the same things happen from over at New York? or what if its worse,

''okay, umm cool''

''you allright dear? you stopped what you were doing'' she says coming to me and putting her hand on my shoulder

''yeah, i'm fine, uh i'll go bring max''

Harry's POV

I woke up by the smell of pancakes, but i didn't want to get up, i was comfy, if only i had breakfeast in bed, but no, a few minutes later i got up and went into the shower, when i came out i went to get a shirt i was about to put it on but then i saw something at the corner of my eye and i knew it was coming out my window, when i looked out there i saw ambers house, the window was open and it let me see clearly what she was doing, she was brushing her hair god damn! a few seconds later she turned towards her window i leaned towards the wall, just incase she wouldn't see me, then i peeked in and i've got to admitt it .it was very attractive when she was brushing her hair,

A few seconds go by and someone opens the door 


''hey you awake? dear?'' It was my mum,

i go infront of the window trying not to make her see Amber

''uh yeah about an hour ago,''

''oh well okay...... is something wrong you look a little nervous'' she says coming closer

''nothing, and uh i'm not nervous, not at all'' i say backing up to the wall

''well...you seem nervous''

''well- im-im not, um if you see i need to finish changing so i- i could-could um go-go downstairs and eat'' i say

''okay i'll see you downstairs dear'' she gives me a wired look for a few seconds and then closes the door i turn around trying to see if amber was still there, and she was, she was looking at me, 

''uhh, hi there'' i say waving to her

''hi,'' she looks down at my chest, and then i look down, right i forgot i wasn't wearing one i covered my self with the T-shirt in my hand and then chuckle

''um, i gotta, go well uh bye c' you'' she closes the window right away and  closes her curtain

''okay bye'' i close my curtain and continue changing.

a few minutes later my phone goes off, i check who it was and it was my mate lou

''whats up lou'' i ask looking at my self in the mirrort

''nothing much mate just checking to see how you and your family are'' 

''MY mums doing great also is gemma, shes leaving pretty soon to college, and well i kinda need your help with something''

''thats great! And what is it?'' he said

''well it's about my neighbor, she just moved here yester day and uh'...'

Amber's POV

Onece i shut my window and close my curtains and go straight to the inflatable bed and laydown sideways looking at the ceiling

i should of never noticed him, i got caught looking at a boy, with no shirt on, but wow did he sure have a nice body!  He's super cute, maybe if i think of him more than Alex,  i'll forget about alex for sure,  but i just met harry yesterday, i have to be really sure if  he's my type.

so i went on google and serched up 'One Direction' and boy they were famous, how was i not noticing them before? there a big deal! I went to the serch bar and searched 'One Direction Info' i went to a link which were five pictures of each guy including harry, there was a guy that had a black lether jacket with very bright shoes, he had black hair, his name was Zayn Malik, i read everything about him,

hours past by and i knew everyones name, liam, louis, niall, zayn and of course harry,  i also found out that they have two albums, i went on i tunes and serched 'take me home' it showed me all the songs of their second album, i bought the album and right away i started listening to a song called 'Live While Were Young' it sounded familiar though, thats right! i herd it on the radio about two or three times, why didn't i look for the song? uh i feel stupid right now,  i continued listening to the songs and one Direction did have great music! i decieded to search 'one Direction Facts' and then that when it hit me,

i 'm stalking them! no no i'm not, i'm just-just investigating , things, about one direction hehehehe







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