I Lost What I Loved But I Found It Again. . . With Problems

Amber has been living in New York City for a while, she hasn't talken it to well there, her best friend moved to California last month, she was the only person she hung out with in school, but now since her friend moved to california she has no one to hang out with at school any more. And she got dumped by her boyfriend. She has a little brother, he's 2 and his name is Max. Her parents just got divorced. And they were each going to take separate ways. One day, she moves with her mother and little brother in Holmes Chapel Chesire, England, Her neighbor there is a Star, but she does not know that, and that star is Harry Styles, Harry has a 'thing' for her, and he wants her to notice that, so one of the members of the band help harry with the idea, and that member starts having a 'thing' for amber as well, should he tell his feelings to amber? Or keep them to himself and help his mate harry?


5. I Think Its Him

Amber's POV

It's been a week now, and i pretty know everything about 'One Direction'. And they are truely amazing, i think i'm pretty lucky, that i met at least one of them, and who knows, I grabbed my backback and left for my first day of school. When i got there I saw everybody in little groups everywhere!

I sigh, "oh boy" and walk in straight into the school. I saw the sheet that i was holding and it lead me to where everything was, my first class was math. I went to my locker and put my things in it. When i got to the classroom, i was the first one there.

"good moring!" said a woman infront of the chalkboard writing things on the board, she must be my math teacher.

"morning" i sat all the way in the back in the class and waited until class started.

* 10:00 PM *

"whats the cordinate of-" the teacher said

before she could finish her sentence the bell rang, i got my things and left out the door.

"hey! wait up!" i hear a voice in back of me, so i turn around, and stoped walking

"umm, me?" i ask looking around the hallway

"yeah," it was a girl, she had black hair, with highlights of the color of a blue-ish green-ish color.

"okay" i waited until she caught up to me

"so whats your name?" she asks

"I'm amber, how 'bout you?"



from there it was quiet for a few seconds, then she asked

"so what class are you taking now?"

"um..." i check the sheet "Liturature"

"well it's better than Geography, its so boring"

"wow is it really? i was actualy expecting it to be entertaining..."

"ha...well its not, you'll see, thats if you take geograpgy, anyway i gotta go, put my things in my locker see ya'"

"'k bye"

after a few seconds i notice shes going the same way as i am, and when i finally got to my locker, she stood right there next to me.

"awsome, our lockers are right next to each other!" she says opening her locker.

"yeah thats great, i open mines as well and put my book away and get a notebook out, then close it.

"well, now since were talking to each other, you should come sit with me and some other people at lunch today,what do you think? we could get to know each other more?" she says stopping to a door that lead to a classroom and turning to me.

"sounds cool" the bell rang and i had to get to class soon. "i'll see you later then bye"

she waved and went into the room.

* 3:00 *

Well i had a good day at school, better then i expected," i made friends, i said goodbye to them and went home. When i got to my porch i saw there was something in the mailbox. It was for me, a little box with a card taped on it, i took it out and went inside, it was from my dad, the card said

"hi dear! how are you doing over there so far? i hope your doing great! anyway i sent you something in the little box, hope you like it! tell your mother i said hi! and little Max too! And also, your mother told me how much your into a band called One Direction, so theres something in that box of On-"

I quickly opened the box and saw it was a necklace that said 'little things' i rushed up to my room to try it on, and i loved it, i went back downstairs with it on my neck and continued reding.

"One Direction, um, i hope you like it! You know, i talked to your mom yesterday, on tuesday, she told me about the band, and i knew that the band ws familiar to me, and it was! they have  store here, in NY, theyr'e closing it down soon, so i got you this, well i have to go now, please facetime me whenever you could, i want to know more about this one direction! they sound pretty cool - sincerely, Dad."

I was happy because my dad sent me a letter, and with a necklace from one direction!

"Amber? you home yet?" mom asked coming downstairs.

"yeah," i say

"so how was your first day of school here?" she asks looking at the box.

"great," i told her what happend and also the letter and necklace that dad bought me.

Harry's POV

It was a few hours past noon, and i'm ready to tell amber that i like her, alot! and thanks t louis hes going to help me, hes coming later today so im going to pick him up from the airport, i also want to show him how beautiful and perfect she is.

"harry?" it was my mum calling me.

"yeah mum? im in the living room wtching tv!"

she comes downstairs "well i'm leaving off to work, don't forgett to pick up louis, like last time okay? she says chuckling at the last part.

"yeah mum don't worry iwon't forgett this time!" she says goodbye and leaves to work, i check the time and thers still a few hours before picking up lou.

So i decided to go see if amber was up to anything.

I went to herfront door, and ringed the doorbell. I waited a few seconds, hoping she was here. I saw the dor open and it was a lady with light brown hair, with brown eyes, and she looked like amber, alot.

"hello ma'am i'm um just checking if amber was here?" i ask nevously.

"hi, nd yes she is! please come in, sorry we don't have any furnitue yet," she says "amber! someones here to visit you!"

I stay stnding at the entrance, and see amber come down,'

"hey harry, um mom this is harry, harry this is my mom" they both shake hands.

"well i'll be going bye," she leaves back upstairs.

"um amber, i was wondering if you'd like to come with me for a milkshake, what do you say?

"sure" she smiles and says "i'll be back to get my bag"

"okay, by the way nice necklace. I say with a smirk on my face


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